Twilight: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Jasper

Tall, blonde, and charismatic — Twilight’s Jasper Hale was a mysterious character. Mate to fan-favorite Alice, he had the rare ability of pathokinesis. This means that he could sense the emotions or feelings of a certain person, or even a whole room, and also influence the same people and make them feel the way he wanted to.

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His past as a Southern soldier was given some screen time in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, since his military experience with newborn vampires was key to the plotline with Victoria and her newborns. His unfortunate Confederate past, along with his lack of control over his thirst was also mentioned in the movies, but there is plenty about the peculiar vampire that fans would only know if they had read the Twilight books.

10 He Was Heavily Scarred

Jasper with scowl while training the wolf pack

The movies very briefly show Jasper’s scarred arms, but canonically, he had several of them up along his neck and jaw. In fact, these marks from his violent past in the Southern Vampire Wars are his defining characteristic — the first thing most people notice about the vampire.

Humans could see these scars only in harsh light, but supernatural beings could see them on Jasper’s body much more clearly.

9 His Powers Damaged Him Emotionally

While altering people’s moods and emotions could be seen as an enviable power, it had a flip side. Jasper could feel people’s fear, anxiety, and shock just as keenly, especially when he was a part of Maria’s coven and killing vampires and people regularly.

He could sense their pain before he killed them, which affected his mental health a lot since his only way to survive was to kill. His mental health was seen to continually decline until he met Alice.

8 He Kept Waiting For Bella To Lose Control

Twilight Jasper bella kristen stewart

After Bella was turned into a vampire, book fans will know that Jasper was particularly relieved and delighted. He thought that with a newborn in the Cullens’ midst, his lack of control over his thirst might not be out of place.

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Bella dashed his hopes, however, as she had a huge measure of tolerance to human blood, much to Jasper’s dismay, who kept waiting for her to slip up. In fact, in Breaking Dawn he misinterpreted Bella’s moves and thought she was going to attack Renesmee when she wasn’t, and immobilized her.

7 The Quileutes Feared Jasper The Most

A little-known fact mentioned in Breaking Dawn is that the Quileute shapeshifters considered Jasper the most lethal of all the Cullens. They thought of him as the mightiest and strongest opponent above the rest of the coven.

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They described him as “power and speed and death rolled into one,” due to his previous military experience with newborns and his strength, speed, and extra powers.

6 His Powers Affect Bella

Bella was always special, mainly because she had a mental shield as a human, which was amplified as a vampire. This shield is what made her impervious to several vampire superpowers, especially the mind-reading type that Edward and Aro had.

However, she was not exempt from Jasper’s powers. He could easily sense her emotions, and as easily control them through the books. He had calmed her anxiety down on multiple occasions.

5 His First Interaction With Alice Was Surreal

After his brutal beginnings as a vampire, Jasper found his hope in a surreal meet-cute with his soulmate Alice. With her divinatory powers, she had already “seen” where she would meet Jasper, and had turned up to that diner. He entered, and she complained about how long he had kept her waiting. He bowed his head in true Southern fashion and apologized to “ma’am.”

Alice then proceeded to offer him her hand, which he willingly took and they walked off into the sunset together, which led them to the Cullens. This instant connection is something only book readers will know.

4 He And Alice Were Married

Alice and jasper smile together in breaking dawn

While Rosalie and Emmett had got married several times throughout their immortal lives (and planned to keep doing it as they moved from place to place), Jasper and Alice had legally tied the knot too — but only once.

When together, the soulmates were so happy that Jasper exuded a constant joy to the whole Cullen household, thanks to his wife.

3 Why He Is A Hale, Not A Cullen

The Cullens’ choice to start new lives from a high school level had a lot to do with Jasper’s changed last name. His birth name had been Jasper Whitlock, which was then changed to Hale when he joined the Olympic coven, mainly to divert human suspicions.

The story the coven projected was that young Carlisle had adopted four children, two of whom were twins: Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and the other three Cullens were siblings. This way, Rosalie and Emmett could be a couple, and Jasper and Alice could also show romantic affection to each other in school without raising anyone’s eyebrows.

2 He Wanted To Kill Bella

Twilight Kristen Stewart Bella Swan

Only book readers would know the effect Edward’s heroic rescue of Bella from Tyler’s speeding car had on the Cullen family. Edward’s accidental display of his super strength and speed threatened to expose the Cullens as vampires and almost broke the family into two.

Jasper was on the half of the family that wanted to get rid of Bella by killing her so that their secret was kept safe. He even plotted with Rosalie to kill her before Alice told him that she would love Bella in the future.

1 Maria Tried To Reach Him Again

Maria was Jasper’s creator, whom he had left behind because of the violence she caused. He had moved onto a life of love, peace, and no guilt thanks to Alice and the diet that the Cullens followed, but Maria showed up later in life to reconnect with Jasper.

When the Cullens were in Calgary, Maria sought him out, causing destruction with her presence, which pushed the coven to move out again. Jasper then requested Maria to keep a distance from him.

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