Valheim Recreation Of Helm’s Deep From LOTR Is Pretty Accurate

A devoted fan of both The Lord of the Rings and Valheim build an accurate replica of the famous Helm’s Deep stronghold in the survival game.

A devoted The Lord of the Rings fan has brought another piece of Middle-earth into Valheim by building an accurate recreation of the famous Helm’s Deep stronghold. It’s quite common for the survival title players to construct LOTR-inspired projects considering the similarity between the two fantasy universes.

Not so long ago, the developer of Valheim at Iron Gate Studios requested the most incredible builds from the community members. The projects that players shared were quite impressive, ranging from epic castles to intricately designed treehouses. One of the submitted builds was the replica of LOTR’s Edoras, which back then, only featured the city’s central palace called the great hall of Meduseld. Even in its unfinished state, Rohan’s capital perfectly fitted Valheim’s environments.

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On Valheim’s Subreddit, player TheDarkoParadox has presented their faithful recreation of The Lord of the Rings’ famous Helm’s Deep with the mighty keep. The author didn’t use any mods, but to avoid exhausting mining of stone supply, they resorted to enabling free building mode. The attention to detail is admirable to say the least, as the build incorporates virtually all the design features of the original Hornburg stronghold from The Lord of the Rings movies. Even the tiny side door, which was used to launch Gimli right in the middle of an attacking Uruk-hai group, is there. That being said, the build was affected by certain gameplay restrictions. The most obvious one is the height limit, which prevented the Hornburg tower from being accurately tall. Also, the slight curvature of the outer wall had to be sacrificed for a straight design because it’d be almost impossible to recreate in vanilla Valheim.

The mountain-deep interiors of the stronghold were unfortunately left undone since, currently, it’s impossible to build proper caves in Valheim. Interestingly, a smart solution to the issue might’ve already been suggested by a different LOTR-inspired project. One talented builder decided to recreate Bilbo’s under-the-hill residence in Valheim, emphasizing the fact it was indeed located underground. To match the original design of an excavated hobbit hole, the player used a portal as the front door, transporting visitors into a fully-recreated interior located somewhere else on the island.

After previous community attempts at making Minas Tirith, Barad-Dur, and other iconic locations from the incredible LOTR fantasy universe in Valheim, it was a matter of time until someone would’ve taken on a challenge to recreate the Helm’s Deep stronghold. Even in the vanilla client, the result turned out to be delightfully authentic, which is definitely worth admiring. In a year from now, Valheim fans might even collaborate for a proper Middle-earth map with all of the major points of interest, inviting gamers to explore the magical world.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: TheDarkoParadox/Reddit

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