We Already Know Sherry’s Negan Journey Doesn’t Happen

In Fear The Walking Dead season 6, Sherry plans a vengeful trip home to visit Negan… even though it doesn’t fit the franchise’s timeline.

Dwight and Sherry are making big plans in Fear The Walking Dead season 6, but they better be prepared to take a pretty long rain check. Romance isn’t easy in the zombie apocalypse, and even loved-up couples like Dwight and Sherry aren’t immune to undead marital strife. Both served reluctantly under Negan at the Sanctuary, and both reached their limit with the bat-twirling maniac. Sherry ultimately ran away, leaving her husband behind, and this in turn inspired Dwight to cooperate in bringing down the Saviors. Dwight left The Walking Dead behind, taking off in a hopeless search for his missing wife, and when both characters were announced for Fear The Walking Dead, fans anticipated a glorious, happy reunion.

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Not in this show. Dwight finally found Sherry involved with a group of masked folk known as the Outcasts. Comprised of survivors who either escaped or were rejected by Ginny, the Outcasts proved worthy allies to the main Fear The Walking Dead group, and Dwight enjoyed a brief few days of happiness with Sherry. Quickly, however, it became apparent that Sherry’s mindset had taken on a darker hue during their time apart. The Outcasts, and Sherry most of all, sought to execute Ginny for her crimes. Dwight, on the other hand, had learned from the gospel of Rick Grimes, and knew violence only led to more violence. At this seemingly non-negotiable impasse, Sherry angrily took her leave from Dwight.

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Alas, the former lovers just can’t keep away from each other. In Fear The Walking Dead season 6’s “J.D.,” Sherry finally reveals that she’s heading back to Alexandria for Negan’s head and, she believes, to finally gain closure. By the end of the episode, Sherry has thought better of the idea, but the truck, the gas, and Alexandria are all still waiting – just in case she ever feels the need to put a bullet between Negan’s eyes. Thanks to the timelines between Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, however, the audience can be certain that Sherry and Dwight never make the trip home… at least not for a very, very long time.

Dwight and Sherry in Fear The Walking Dead Season 6

Fear The Walking Dead was initially a prequel to The Walking Dead. Then the spinoff caught up briefly and both shows coexisted for a time. Now, in season 6, Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel again, but slightly less so. Simplifying the timeline confusion, Morgan Jones has been among the Fear The Walking Dead gang for approximately a year in-universe. Concurrently in Alexandria, Rick is trying to piece together the aftermath of All Out War, and lead his people toward coexistence with the other communities. The Walking Dead‘s timeline has since jumped forward almost a decade from Rick’s disappearance, and there’s been no mention of Dwight and Sherry returning to take Negan’s head in the main show. This means that for at least a decade, no one from Fear The Walking Dead returns home.

The headline here is that any animosity between lovers in Fear The Walking Dead is, mercifully, over. While it might’ve been unrealistic to expect Dwight and Sherry would reunite with no issues to resolve whatsoever, her reasons for continuously shunning him have been flimsy and frustrating. Wanting Ginny dead is one thing, but to continue the grudge even after her demise always felt like a poor excuse on Sherry’s past. Finally, Dwight’s wife has admitted as much, and the couple’s absence in The Walking Dead serves as proof that she won’t come to regret that decision any time soon.

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