What Do People In Star Wars Actually Eat?

The Star Wars universe has shown all manner of alien worlds, cultures, starships, religions, and wars. But what do the characters actually eat?

For all the movies, shows, books, comics, and video games set in the Star Wars universe, the franchise has never spent much time addressing what people in the galaxy actually eat. This is partially due to the movies’ focus on wartimes and desolate Outer Rim worlds, where what’s for dinner isn’t exactly of peak priority. However, there’s actually been a lot of food shown in Star Wars canon through the years, which reveals some things about the nature of the galaxy.

What do people in Star Wars eat? The simple answer is anything and everything. As is true on Earth, the characters of the Star Wars universe eat and drink a wide variety of foods, largely dependent on where they live and what resources are available to them. There are some more famous examples from the franchise, such as Tatooine’s iconic blue milk, the fruit of Naboo (famous for being levitated by Jedi in incredibly awkward movie scenes), and the snazzy drinks of Coruscant’s various bars and clubs.

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By and large though, the food of Star Wars varies wildly based on the planet, culture, and climate. All manner of real-world cuisines are represented, from hardier, meat-centric diets to plant-based cultures and worlds centered around seafood. Stews, steaks, salads, breads, desserts, and everything in between have been represented in one Star Wars story or another, giving glimpses at the galaxy’s cornucopia of different foods.

Mark Hamill The Last Jedi Blue Milk

There are some ways in which Star Wars food differs from the real world, of course. The Star Wars’ universe’s advanced technology also means some sci-fi developments in the world of food, allowing for more advanced nutritional supplements and rations for space travel. These sorts of efficiency-oriented foodstuffs appear in Star Wars movies, shows and books in various forms, mainly as ration bars, sticks, or nutritionally enriched drinks. Given how much time is spent travelling through space, it makes sense that the galaxy would have devised ways to save on cargo space and prevent food from spoiling.

Though these space rations are a bit more advanced than similar supplements available on Earth, they’re not so different from the kinds of nutritionally compressed foodstuffs given to real-world soldiers and astronauts. It might not be the most delicious option out there, but it keeps the Jedi, clone troopers, and smugglers of the galaxy fueled and fed for their various adventures. As long as Star Wars keeps exploring new eras, worlds and cultures, it will also keep introducing new fantastical foods.

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