What Happened To Brooke Laughton After Season Three

Brooke joined the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean during season three. Now, Brooke is living in Dubai and running her own yacht training company.

Brooke Laughton joined the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean during season three. She was the second stewardess on board, working closely with chief stew Hannah Ferrier and third stew Kasey Cohen. As the season progressed, Brooke began to develop feelings for deckhand Joao Franco, who would often flirt with Brooke and Kasey. Despite his flirtation with the two stews and the drama it caused, Brooke ultimately gave Joao a chance, and the pair dated for a while both on and off the Talisman Maiton superyacht.

When she first came onto the boat, Brooke developed a close friendship with her chief stew, Hannah Ferrier. However, their friendship turned sour after Brooke and Joao got more serious in their relationship. Hannah did not like the way Joao inappropriately flirted with her two stews and often told Brooke she needed to watch her back when it came to him. However, Brooke did not listen to Hannah and decided to pursue a relationship with him anyway. Their romance did not last long, as the couple was already over by the time they filmed the season three reunion.

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What has Brooke been up to since she departed from the boat on the last day of the charter in Italy? After she left the yacht in Italy to be with Joao, the pair headed off to Florence together. Shortly after their trip, Brooke went to visit Joao in his home country of Zimbabwe. However, by the time they went to film the season three reunion on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Joao and Brooke had already broken up. Joao revealed in the following season that she cheated on him, but Brooke had denied the claim. Nonetheless, Brooke has since moved on from her split with Joao.

Brooke is currently in a relationship with an unnamed man, who she went Instagram official with in January 2020. The couple is still together today and is living in Dubai. According to Brooke’s LinkedIn page, she works in Dubai as a superyacht crew trainer through her company, The Nauti Yachtie Coach. She also co-founded the company Acclaimed Castings, which connects talent to different casting directors. In an interview with Cheat Sheet, Brooke stated she launched the business with her sister, Kate, since she and her mother have a professional background in the entertainment business. The site acts as a channel between talent and jobs, so casting directors get notified directly and can view the profile right away.

After her time on Below Deck Med, Brooke is now training people in the yachting industry in one of the most luxurious cities on earth. Not only does she get to live in Dubai, but she’s there with her long-time boyfriend and their new puppy. Plus, she’s helping those in the yachting industry. Brooke is truly living her best life, both professionally and personally.

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