What Happened To Wes Walton After Season Two

Wes is still working in the superyacht industry after his stint on Below Deck Med season two. He recently finished working on a yacht in Singapore.

Wes Walton is still working in the superyacht industry after his stint on Below Deck Mediterranean season two. While he was on the show, Wes found himself in a love triangle with his deckhand, Malia White, and the chef, Adam Glick. Malia was already involved with Adam prior to the show, a piece of information viewers and Wes did not find out until later in the season. However, she eventually realized Wes was the one she wanted to be with and began focusing on her relationship with him.

Viewers felt for Wes after he was put into an uncomfortable situation with Malia and Adam. Even though he had strong feelings for Malia, Wes was over the drama the love triangle was causing. After an argument with Adam during one of their days off, Malia concluded Adam wasn’t the man for her, and she continued to pursue Wes. The pair left the boat together and were still dating by the time they filmed the season two reunion.

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After leaving the boat in Italy, Wes went off to continue his career in yachting and his relationship with Malia. When it was time to film the season two reunion, he and Malia revealed they were still together. In fact, they had already met each other’s parents. However, they did break up eventually, as Malia was in a relationship with Tom Checketts while she was on season five of Below Deck Med. After his breakup with Malia, it is unclear whether or not Wes began a relationship with someone else. Nonetheless, Wes started focusing on his career even more after their relationship did not work out.

Despite their breakup, Malia has nothing but nice things to say about Wes. In an interview with BravoTV, she revealed the pair keep in touch from time to time and that he co-authored an article in an academic journal since his time on Below Deck Med, which he shared on his Twitter. According to Wes’s Instagram, he has also been traveling the world for work and pleasure, to places such as the Bahamas, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and the Arctic. Wes was able to achieve his Chief Mate 3000 ton license and began working as a chief officer on boats. Wes worked on a superyacht in Singapore for the past two years. In his caption, Wes said he had been confined to the yacht and the marina for more than 232 days during the COVID-19 lockdown. Now, he is off on his next adventure.

After appearing on Below Deck Med for season two, Wes was done with life on reality TV. Even though he and Malia did date for quite some time after they left Sirrocco in Italy, Wes didn’t love that his personal life was out in the public. After they broke up, Wes moved up from bosun to chief officer and began exploring more places all over the world.

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