Why Kourtney May Be Getting More Popular Than Her Sister Kim

Kourtney’s life is more inspiring to fans than Kim’s because of her new relationship and nonchalant attitude. Could she be surpassing her sister?

Lately, Kourtney Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been in the news for her love life, amongst other things. Overall, the news about the reality TV star has been positive and relatable to fans and audiences. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian has somewhat fallen out of the public eye after her divorce. Kourtney may now be surpassing her starlet sister. 

Since the beginning of the Kardashian dynasty, Kim Kardashian has been the star. Oftentimes, her sisters, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, were merely seen as followers. Kim was the one who put everything on the line to make the family famous. Countless times throughout the reality series Kim says she gave everyone in her family a career, which is true. But now that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians series is coming to an end after over a decade, could it be that the roles are reversing? 

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Recently, Kourtney made headlines for her ongoing tension with Scott Disick and flourishing relationship with Travis Barker. In fact, she recently tattooed “I love you” onto her new beau and shared a spicy picture of them kissing. Most people find Kourtney’s dating life interesting and relatable. After all, she tried to make things work with Scott, but eventually, things fell apart. Who can blame Kourtney for moving on with her life? On the other hand, Kim just ended her marriage with Kanye West. For six years, Kimye was a pop culture sensation. When news of this power couple’s divorce broke, it completely shocked many fans, which made it hard for viewers to empathize with Kim, who was seemingly hiding the issues in her relationship.

In addition, Many fans believe Kim’s Instagram has become boring and monotonous because of all the promos and typical selfies she shares. Kourtney’s Instagram is perceived as more interesting because of the diversity of content she posts. Another reason why Kourtney might be moving into the spotlight is because of her favorable attitude and underlying conflict with Kim. In the later seasons of KUWTK, things got so bad that the two sisters fought physically. They later stated they were “embarrassed” by their outburst shown on TV. In a more recent episode, Kim says to Kourtney, “You have a reputation of degrading people.” To which Kourtney replies with an eye roll and says, “Kim, shut the f**k up.” Could another feud be brewing? Moreover, is this a sign that Kourtney is surpassing Kim?

Kim has always been a symbol of luxury and sweetness, something people seem to want to throw out the window now that the world has changed so drastically. Overall, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan is losing their shine because what was once perceived as real and authentic has now been revealed as fake. Khloé’s leaked photo showed us everything we needed to know. Kourtney’s life is far more inspiring because she has a new, edgy boyfriend and an “I’m doing what makes me happy” attitude. What Kourtney stands for seems to be what fans love the most right now. Will Kourtney become the Kim Kardashian of the 2020s? Only time will tell…

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