10 Important Things We Learned in the Flashback Episode

Zoey Extraordinary Playlist‘s twelfth episode of the second season gave viewers a glimpse of the past as Zoey sat down with her therapist to recount the day she started her job as a coder at SPRQ Point — and met her best friend Max.

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The episode revealing a lot of shocking surprises about the fateful day that Zoey and Max met each other, and answered questions about how David and Emily came together, who worked at SPRQ Point the longest, and what Mitch was like prior to his terminal illness. The flashback also provided insight into why Zoey cares for Max so deeply, and how their connection formed in the first place.

10 Tobin Has Worked At SPRQ Point The Longest

Tobin and Leif at SprqPoint

In the present day, Zoey, Leif, and Tobin all work together and have been co-workers for a long time, but a question viewers have always had was who started at SPRQ Point first.

As fans learn in the episode, Zoey had her first day on the job five years ago, and is joined by Leif during their orientation. It turns out that Tobin has already worked there for a year, and he and Leif were friends before either of them got the job.

9 Leif And Zoey Met First

Leif on his first day at SPRQ Point

Before ever meeting Max, Zoey ran into Leif and introduced herself to him first. Though in the present day they co-exist as frenemies, Zoey and Leif actually got off on a strong footing.

Leif was Zoey’s first pick for a partner in Danny Michael Davis’s competition, but he turned her down to work with Amber, a girl he and Tobin were crushing on, instead. Leif’s animosity toward Zoey years later also gets an explanation, because she actually wasn’t originally awarded the job from Danny Michael Davis, but was gifted it instead.

8 Max And Zoey Didn’t Get Along At First

Max and Zoey on their first day

In the first episode of Season 1, fans learn that Zoey and Max are best friends, though he has been harboring romantic feelings for her for quite some time. But in the flashback episode, the pair doesn’t experience love at first sight.

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Max instantly makes fun of Zoey’s realtor apparel and paper bag lunch, while Zoey is put off by his arrogance. The two end up being partners for the competition and are further divided by their different work ethics, however, they eventually figure out a way to be successful together.

7 Mo Was An Uber Driver

Mo confronting Eddie at his dance rehearsal.

Some characters are notably missing from the flashback episode due to not existing in Zoey’s world yet, however, Mo was able to make an appearance in an unusual way.

When Zoey rushes to the hospital to be with her mother, she calls an Uber so that she can still work with Max on her way there. Her Uber driver is none other than her future best friend Mo, and he sings along to Rihanna’s ‘Shut Up and Drive’ as Zoey attempts to be in two places at once.

6 Maggie Has Heart Problems

Maggie in the hospital with her family

Though Zoey’s father passed away in the Season 1 finale, he appears alive and well in the flashback, making Zoey lunch and wishing her the best of luck on her first day.

It’s actually Zoey’s mother, Maggie, who is suffering from health problems. While Zoey is at work, Mitch calls to inform her that Maggie’s heart has been acting up and that she is going to the hospital. She ends up needing a risky surgery that ultimately is successful.

5 Zoey Always Put Her Family First

Zoey leaving to be with her family

Zoey’s empathy is one of her strongest character traits, and viewers learn that it existed long before she got her musical mind-reading superpowers.

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After Zoey’s dad calls to inform her that her mother is in the hospital after a possible heart attack, she struggles with whether or not she should stay and finish competing for her dream job. Max urges her to be with her family and she does, putting her family above her biggest dream.

4 David Was Emily’s TA

Emily running into David at the hospital

Zoey’s brother David is married to Emily in the present day, but in the past, he has a girlfriend who seems to be the total opposite of his now-wife.

While at the hospital, David goes to find his girlfriend a snack and runs into Emily, who is visiting a friend who just had a baby. They recognize each other instantly, and fans learn that they haven’t spoken since Emily decided it wasn’t a good idea to date her Teaching Assistant. They vow to get coffee in the future, and fans know that the rest is history.

3 Danny Michael Davis Never Changed

Danny Michael Davis evaluating the projects

SPRQ Point’s CEO Danny Michael Davis has always been quite the character, but the flashback of Zoey’s first day proved that he has been that way since she first met him.

He insists that his prospective future employees face off in a battle for the job, sings a song from Willie Wonka to get the orientation started, and allows Max to give up his job for Zoey. While a genius, he has always been a little on the wild side and had the desire to be the center of attention at all times.

2 Music Was Prominent Even Before Zoey’s Powers

Mitch sings to Maggie

Since the flashback episode takes place five years prior, Zoey has yet to gain her superpower to hear what people are thinking through song. However, that didn’t stop the episode from containing several musical numbers.

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Max sings “Thinking Out Loud” to uncover the code for one of the rounds of the SPRQ Point competition, leading him and Zoey to victory. Additionally, Mitch sings “Dream A Little Dream of Me” to Maggie after her surgery, which is the same song she sang to him as he passed away. The only difference in these songs is that they happen in real time and are heard by everyone, not just by Zoey.

1 Max Gave Up His Job For Zoey

Max and Zoey working together

Since Danny Michael Davis declared that only two people would end up with a job at SPRQ Point at the end of the day, viewers were left wondering how Leif, Zoey, and Max would all get jobs at the company.

Max informs Zoey at the hospital that Danny awarded the jobs to her and Leif, and Zoey tells her therapist that Max got a job there a few months later. However, viewers see that Danny actually offered the positions to Leif and Max, but Max saw how badly Zoey wanted and would excel at her dream job and pleaded with Danny to allow her to have it instead. This information, now known by fans, was still unrevealed to Zoey all these years later.

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