10 Of Momo Yaoyorozou’s Cutest Moments, Ranked

Momo Yaoyorozou initially comes off as proper, knowledgeable, and a little cold. Yet, as the series has progressed, fans have come to know Momo as a very kind and passionate individual with great inner strength and an eye for strategy.

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Still, she is not without her quirks—pun intended. Situations arise where she is genuinely oblivious to how absolutely adorable she is, and these occurrences usually spawn from the kindness and passion within her. My Hero Academia wouldn’t be the amazing anime that it is without her influence.

10 Carries Mineta (S2, E16)

Mineta riding Momo's back from My Hero Accademia.

Momo is a very kind and genuine person, and she thus expects the same from others. Unfortunately for her, Mineta likes to take advantage of this fact. During season two of the anime, Momo finishes the Sports Festival race with Minetta clinging to her back and is pretty put out by the fact.

The cuteness in this scene comes from the fact that there were likely so many ways to have avoided carrying the little turd, but Momo is too kind to think about prying him off with a staff or any number of her creations.

9 Overloads Her “Small” Room (S3, E51)

Momo's dorm room in My Hero Academia.

Momo often fails to contextualize how well-off her family is, and, while this could be an irritating trait coming from someone else, Momo’s kind heart and complete lack of snobbiness make these moments super cute.

During season three of the anime, all of the students have just moved into the dorms and are showing off their rooms. When Momo shows off her dorm, she is embarrassed that her room is utterly packed as she states “the thing is, I, maybe miscalculated a few things. My room’s a little more cramped than I intended.”

8 Learning (S1 E6)

Momo poses while talking about learning in My Hero Academia.

This is the first time we get to see Momo’s more admirable qualities directly resulting from her passion for learning. After a deep analysis of the first round of Hero Basic Training that even has All Might surprised, she strikes an all-too-proper pose as she states “one should always start with the basics and devote themselves to learning wholeheartedly!” This moment gives fans their first big hint at Momo’s true personality.

7 Absentmindedly Exposes Herself To Her Classmates

Momo is all sorts of proper until it comes to using her quirk. One of her passions is, obviously, becoming a hero. Thus, when she’s in the middle of a battle and needs to use her quirk, she never hesitates to show a little skin in order to make whatever will be the most useful for the situation. Her classmate’s hilarious reactions show us how completely oblivious she becomes about such things when her passion is driving her.

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Even though this happens multiple times throughout the anime, she never realizes how uncomfortable she makes her classmates, and this absentmindedness is super cute.

6 Cheer Leads With Dignity and Grace (S2, E19)

Momo Pouts In Cheer Leader Outfit In My Hero Academia.

Once again, Mineta takes advantage of Momo’s honest and genuine nature and convinces her to not only dress up as a cheerleader for their class, but he also convinces her to make the cheerleading suits for her and her female classmates using her quirk. Her pout once she realizes is too cute and has fans wanting to yell “but don’t change!” Her genuine nature is just such an amazing quality, even if it leads her into traps every so often.

5 Doll Factory (S2, E36)

Momo creates russian dolls in My Hero Academia

Even when Momo is being weighed down by uncertainty, she is still unbelievably cute. In season two of the anime, Momo and Todoroki are facing off against their homeroom teacher during their final.

As she is running around with Todoroki, she is constantly producing Russian nesting dolls using her quirk, and there is just something completely adorable about the way she goes about it. Maybe it has something to do with the noise they make as they pop out of her.

4 Like How Poop Works (S3, E41)

Momo is embarassed after her quirk is compared to poop in My Hero Academia.

Momo’s quirk allows her to generate any object she wants, though she’s able to do this more efficiently on a full stomach. During season three of the anime, one of her classmates points out that her quirk is similar to how poop works. Suddenly, the dignity and poise Momo is known for completely vanishes as she hides in embarrassment from the comment.

3 Group Study Session? (S4, E81)

Momo is surprised people dont want to study for the school festival in My Hero Academia.

Momo honestly finds learning very enjoyable and fun, so, when class 1A is blurting out ideas for what their class could do for the school festival, Momo’s idea is to have a group study session.

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Someone quickly points out that they do study sessions all the time, and Momo’s disappointment is all too cute. She honestly thinks studying together with everyone at their school for the festival would be super fun.

2 Shopping Spree (S3, E46)

Shoppiong is one of Momo’s dearest passions, but it hardly has anything to do with hero work. In season four of the anime, Momo and four other classmates are on a mission to help save Bokugo and are in need of disguises, which Momo is all too ready to go buy.

Yet, when Kirishima mentions that she could have just made these outfits with her quirk, the real cuteness begins as she begins squirming and spouting out excuses as to why her shopping is good for the world. We all know she just likes having an excuse to shop.

1 Classiest Study Session Ever (S2, E35)

Momo gets excioted about studying in My Hero Academia.

This is a doubly cute moment, and thus it earns the top spot in Momo’s cutest moments. Finals are coming up for class 1-A, and some of Momo’s classmates are freaking out and ask her to help them study. Momo is super passionate about learning and thus she geeks out a little—just a little—when she’s presented with the opportunity to help her classmates learn!

This is also the first time we understand how incredibly wealthy Momo is as she begins babbling about preparing her great hall and the different—likely super expensive—brands of teas she can prepare. Fast forward in the episode a bit, and the cuteness continues as she totally follows through with her plans.

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