Among Us Crewmates Become Roommates In Adorable Stop-Motion Video

A talented animator shares a charming stop motion video of Among Us’ crewmates having fun during a tea party at a comfortable dollhouse.

A charming stop motion animation of Among Us’ crewmates has turned the characters into roommates that are having fun in a dollhouse. The video was done with real-life toys, which shouldn’t be surprising, considering how often the social deduction game is being featured in various real-life projects.

Quite recently, Among Us has inspired one of its youngest fans, an eight-year-old kid, to create a homemade plush of a pink crewmate. Shared by their parent, the adorable doll was immediately noticed by the developer on Twitter. This was probably the most valuable recognition the project received, although the whole thread on the social media platform expressed universal love for the child’s creation. Now, a more elaborate and professional approach to creating real-life Among Us-inspired stuff has been demonstrated by a grown-up animator.

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The adorable stop motion video of Among Us’ crewmates trapped in real life has been shared by animator shinohara_kenta on Twitter. In the animation, a person knocks on a regular drawer, which then unveils a whole team of crewmate toys hiding there. Tiny spacemen proceed to investigate a dollhouse built specifically for them to throw a friendly tea party. The cheerfully colored crewmates take a well-deserved break from their regular tasks, participating in various leisure activities instead. The animation turns out to be surprisingly peaceful, even though there’s at least one proven Impostor. The green crewmate has a mouth full of pointy teeth, but the character’s predatory nature doesn’t prevent them from having fun with the rest of the team, although the red crewmate might still be at risk.

Judging by all the toys, dioramas, and other homemade tributes to Among Us, the demand for real-life memorabilia is quite high. The situation has seemingly been recognized by the development team, as the game will be treated to an amazing Among Us Collector’s Edition on PC. Included in the package is a physical copy of the title’s infamous Emergency Meeting button, which is said to play in-game noises and sounds when pressed. To avoid accidental pressing, the red button is protected with a glass case. On top of that, the edition comes packed with all sorts of other goodies that true Among Us fans will find worth their attention.

It seems quite logical to put a line of Among Us toys to good use via an adorable stop motion animation. At the same time, there’s something strangely magical in making such kinds of videos. They allow fans to look at popular video games from a completely new perspective, thus introducing additional layers of complexity to well-established IPs and exploring new opportunities.

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Source: shinohara_kenta/Twitter

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