Auburn ski association requesting mailboxes for treats along the trails

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Auburn Nordic Ski Association is looking for a few good mailboxes. During the winter months, these decorated mailboxes are scattered along the ANSA Nordic ski trails to offer a little sweet treat to skiers passing by. I am hoping to increase the number of mailboxes on the trails and could use any gently-used metal or plastic mailboxes. I am happy to come pick them up in the greater Lewiston-Auburn area.  Please contact me at 576-9820

ANSA can also always use any cross-country ski equipment donations of skis, boots and/or poles that are in good shape.

If you are interested in learning more about Auburn Nordic Ski Association, check our website:

Thanks so much, Sunspots for the important role you play in this community! — Whitney, no town

ANSWER: What a great idea. I know when I’m hiking I appreciate finding a goodie box like this on the trail.

DEAR SUN SPOTS:  On May 13, I found a pair of prescription glasses in a golf cart at Turner Highlands Golf Course. The glasses have sparkles on the frames. Please contact the Pro Shop to pick them up at 224-7060. I always read your column! — Barbara, no town

ANSWER: I want to thank everyone who writes to Sun Spots regarding lost and found items. A case in point follows!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On May 11, I wrote to Sun Spots about a lost ring. An employee at the Oxford Hannaford found it and now I have it back! I’m so grateful. — Alana, no town

ANSWER: I’m so glad for you! Remember readers, if you’ve lost an item, include as much of a description as possible along with your name and the best number to reach you. If you would prefer to have the item returned to a store’s customer service department, etc., be sure to make arrangements with them so there is no confusion and they know how to proceed if the item is found.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have about 12 to 15 Reader’s Digest Condensed Books as well as a few other assorted books to give to anyone who would like them. Please contact me at 713-5582 — Eleanor, no town

ANSWER: If you have no takers, although most libraries don’t want these condensed books, thrift stores will take them or you can find a “little library” to gift them to. These tiny libraries are everywhere and offer a way to exchange books. If you need a map of where they’re located, visit

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to thank the generous and thoughtful person who was in front of me at the Dunkin Donuts in Rumford and paid for my three pounds of coffee on Mother’s Day. You made my day special. Next time I’m in line at the Dunkin Donuts I will pay it forward to the person behind me as well. In these times, kindness is always welcome. Thank you so very much. — Pauline, no town

ANSWER: I’m sure the giver was just as pleased to be the giver as you were to be the receiver.

Once again, I encourage everyone in Sun Spots Land to spread sunshine and kindness however you can, in small ways and in large ones. It matters.

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