Buxton standoff ends with suspect at large

Local and state police, crisis negotiators and a tactical team surrounded a home in Buxton Tuesday morning for a would-be standoff, but the man they were looking for had already fled the residence.

Buxton police chief Troy A. Cline said police were called the home of Brady Dix Sr. on Dunnell Road around 9:30 a.m. for a disturbance. Cline did not elaborate on why they were called or what happened when they arrived.

A short time later, officers established a perimeter and called in assistance from other agencies.

It’s unclear what created the stand-off situation or why police may have believed Dix was inside and posed a threat. Officers from surrounding towns converged on the scene and closed Dunnell Road in the area of Dix’s home, which is close to Rt. 22. Cline did not respond to an interview request.

The response included a state police tactical team and armored police vehicles and crisis negotiators. About four hours after police locked down the area, a team in camouflage entered the home and cleared the residence around 2:30 p.m.

But unknown to police, Dix had already fled a short time after they arrived that morning, Cline said.

“If anyone should see Mr. Dix we would ask that they call the Buxton police department immediately,” Cline said following the incident. “We do have an arrest warrant for him. Do not approach Mr. Dix.”

Cline said Dix may or may not be armed.

“We are going to continue searching for Mr. Dix,” Cline said. “We are hopeful that he will turn himself in and resolve this peacefully.”

Dix’s son, Brady N. Dix, 24, said police came to the home because someone had fired a gun, and that his father is on bail conditions and was scheduled for a court hearing Wednesday. Brady N. Dix said he told officers at the scene that his father had already fled the home, but they proceeded with the tactical team operation anyway.

“They tried to get him for a violation of his bail and he apparently jumped out the window,” Dix’s son said. “They turned it into the standoff because he wouldn’t come out of the house because little did they know, he wasn’t even in the house.”

After the encounter was over and police allowed Brady Dix back inside, he said officers damaged property inside and blamed police for needlessly escalating the situation.

“They blew out my window, tore my whole place apart,” Brady N. Dix said.

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