Eula’s Best Character Builds Explained

Eula is the newest playable character to arrive in Genshin Impact. Here’s everything to know about her best character builds, weapons, and Artifacts.

Eula is the newest playable character to be added into Genshin Impact. As a 5-star character in the Version 1.5 content, Eula will have her own Banner for the next several weeks. This will allow players a chance to pull her through the Wish system at a boosted rate. Eula is expected to be one of the strongest characters to ever be added in Genshin Impact, and with the best character build, she can be even stronger.

Eula’s Banner is releasing later today (or tomorrow, depending on players’ time zones). However, thanks to videos and footage shown by developer miHoYo, fans should already have a good idea of how Eula will play – and which Artifacts and weapons will work best with her. Eula is a Cryo user who wields claymores in combat, and she’s an ideal fit for a DPS role since her AoEs can hit multiple enemies at the same time.

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Since Eula first leaked as a part of the Genshin Impact 1.5 beta test, fans have been pretty excited to have her arrive in-game. She’s been showcased with powerful Cryo attacks, and she even has the ability to summon a sword that will cause more damage to nearby enemies when it explodes. Since she’s so strong, the ideal character build for Eula should focus on boosting her DMG and ATK by equipping her with weapons and Artifacts that increase those stats.

Genshin Impact: Eula’s Best Weapons & Artifacts Explained

Genshin Impact Eula's Banner Release Date

In terms of Artifacts in Genshin Impact, the Blizzard Strayer set is great. This gives Eula a Cryo DMG bonus of 15% when two pieces are equipped, and if four are equipped, then she’ll get a CRIT rate boost against enemies affected by Cryo. If enemies are also Frozen at the time, they’ll take an additional 20% of damage. Pale Flame Artifacts can also work great, since these raise Eula’s ATK by 25% and can also stack ATK increases after Elemental Skills are used if four pieces are equipped.

For weapons, Eula’s signature claymore, Song of Broken Pines, is pretty ideal. This new weapon for Genshin Impact increases Eula’s ATK and ATK SPD, meaning her damage output is boosted and she can deal it out at a much faster rate. However, current in-game weapons like the Wolf’s Gravestone and Skyward Pride can also work well, since those boost ATK and DMG stats as well.

Eula is meant to be a powerful character, which means most players will want her to fill a DPS role in their party. Her Cryo abilities are also great for triggering Elemental Reactions like Frozen, Melt, and Superconduct. With the right weapons and Artifacts, Eula can be even more powerful in Genshin Impact.

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