Final Fantasy 14 Shows Off Massive Crystarium City LEGO Build

Square Enix has shown off a massive LEGO replica made by the LEGO club of the University of Tokyo, depicting Final Fantasy 14’s Crystarium City.

Final Fantasy 14 developer Square Enix has shown off a massive Crystarium City LEGO build that was featured during the game’s recently concluded fan festival. The Crystarium was introduced during the launch of the ongoing Shadowbringers expansion and serves as the game’s latest player hub. Here, fans can access most of the expansion’s content, including its latest Extreme Trials, such as the The Seat of Sacrifice and Minstrel’s Ballad: Hades’s Elegy.

The 2021 Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival, which was held last weekend, featured a number of important announcements for the game’s upcoming Endwalker expansion, the most important of which was the reveal of its release date, which is set for November 23, 2021 and was announced alongside a new trailer. The Reaper job, the new melee DPS class and the second to be revealed for the expansion after the Sage, was also shown off during the live event along with the new male Viera race. Along with other additions that are expected with any expansion, such as new dungeons and raids, Endwalker has also been touted to be the conclusion of the game’s current overarching storyline.

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On YouTube, Square Enix published a video that not only showcases the gigantic Crystarium LEGO model but also the process of how it was built by the LEGO club of the University of Tokyo. According to Square Enix, over 200,000 blocks were used to not only construct an incredibly detailed replica of the in-game city but also many of the elements within it, including foliage, NPCs, Chocobos, and more. LED lights were also utilized to illuminate the city’s humongous Crystal Tower and give it an extra layer of detail.

The massive Crystarium LEGO build was initially meant to be part of a Final Fantasy XIV art exhibit in Tokyo that was supposed to open back in January. The in-person exhibit was eventually postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but has now been moved online and features the aforementioned LEGO replica as well as several over 100 player-made in-game screenshots showcasing many of the game’s environments across its base game and three currently available expansions.

The amount of work and detail that was put into the Crystarium city LEGO build is incredibly impressive, especially considering the scale of the replica. Hopefully, the Final Fantasy 14 art exhibit in Tokyo is eventually opened to the public in the future, so fans of the game can see not only the LEGO build but also the other pieces in the exhibit in-person.

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Source: Square Enix/YouTube

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