Former PlayStation Exclusive Days Gone Tops Charts in Steam Debut

Though not the runaway hit it was supposed to be on PlayStation, Days Gone is doing remarkably well as a PC title, trumping some heavyweights.

Simultaneous with its PC debut, Days Gone has already become the global bestseller on Valve’s Steam store, according to official charts. The game was originally released by Sony’s Bend Studio in 2019, meant to be an exclusive flagship for the PlayStation 4.

Days Gone is an open-world action title set in Oregon following a zombie apocalypse. Some signature features include the protagonist’s upgradeable motorcycle, and the swarm-like nature of the zombies, which are slow by day but quick by night. Some missions can be completed using stealth instead of combat. The PS4 version received mixed reviews, with complaints mostly revolving around story development and sometimes dull or repetitive gameplay.

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On Steam, Days Gone is currently surpassing games like Mass Effect Legendary EditionRed Dead Redemption 2, and Resident Evil Village. Even titles with massive online fanbases like Valheim and Grand Theft Auto 5 are well short. It’s not clear exactly how many PC copies have been sold, however, since Valve doesn’t share download numbers. The title is also available on the Epic Games Store, but hasn’t cracked the top five there, which is instead dominated by Rocket League, GTA5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Rogue Company, and Hitman 3. The first and last two games are notably unavailable on Steam. The true test of the port’s popularity will come in the next few weeks – although it’s no mean feat to top Steam charts, launch demand can quickly taper off.

Days Gone PC Horde

The PC edition of Days Gone includes a few upgrades over its predecessor, most notably unlocked framerates, an increased level of detail, and a wider field of view, matched by support for ultra-wide monitors. In comparison, even the PS5 upgrade is limited to 60fps and lesser detail, though of course PC players are capped only by their budgets and the availability of high-end video cards. The PC port is nevertheless missing features like DLSS upscaling or ray-traced lighting.

The game has received extra publicity in recent weeks thanks to the news that a Days Gone 2 was pitched to Sony, but rejected because of the first title’s rough production and mixed critical reactions. The PS4 version of Days Gone sold fairly well, even topping the PlayStation Store in April 2019, but apparently not enough to justify further investment. Sony has committed to bringing more PlayStation games to the PC – something that may be necessary given that many of Microsoft’s first-party Xbox games are automatically available on Windows. Sony has been relatively quiet on future plans, but some popular demands have been Bloodborne and God of War.

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