Genshin Impact Improves Security With Two-Factor Authorization

Genshin Impact now boasts a two-factor authentication function to further ensure account security. All players are automatically enrolled.

Yesterday, in an effort to further improve account security, developer miHoYo implemented two-factor authentication in Genshin Impact that all players should automatically be enrolled in. Security concerns have beset the free-to-play RPG since its launch in September 2020; in November, for example, a Genshin Impact security breach resulted in the leak of players’ mobile phone numbers. What’s worse, the leak could’ve taken effect weeks before its detection.

The issues didn’t end there, unfortunately. Security gaps on the game’s forums reportedly culminated in the leak of user email addresses in early December. Soon thereafter, hacking concerns became a widespread issue amongst the player base as fans and content creators reported hacking attempts on their Genshin Impact accounts. In some cases, affected players were unable to recover their stolen accounts, meaning any money paid during their playtime was lost. MiHoYo has fixed some of the security issues; now the team’s efforts are increasing tenfold in this regard.

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Yesterday, miHoYo implemented two-factor authentication that requires players to confirm their identity prior to logging into Genshin Impact. The new security verification function works like any other two-step authorization system, wherein a verification code is sent to a player’s email address or mobile phone whenever they attempt to sign in. As noted by PCGamesN, all users are automatically enrolled in the updated security system, though miHoYo notes that those who have yet to link their email address or phone numbers should do so as quickly as possible to increase accounts security. To manage account settings through miHoYo, players can simply go to Account > Account Management > Login Devices.

Genshin Impact Housing

The new security function should work to reduce the risk of hackers compromising Genshin Impact accounts. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, giving players an extra layer of security and further peace of mind. Hopefully, this salve functions long-term and serves as only one of many avenues miHoYo is taking to boost security.

Genshin Impact continues to go strong in many respects. Late last month, the developer deployed Version 1.5, which introduced a free PlayStation 5 upgrade, Hangout Events for Diona and Noelle, and the housing system. Now players patiently await the release of Eula’s Banner, which will introduce Eula as a new playable character.

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Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS devices.

Source: miHoYo via PCGamesN

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