Genshin Impact On Switch Allegedly Delayed Due To Hardware Issues

According to a recent rumor, Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch version may launch this year, but has suffered delays because of hardware issues.

A new report claims Genshin Impact may hit Nintendo Switch this year but is suffering delays because of hardware troubles. Before the title launched last September, miHoYo formally announced plans to release a Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact. The developer has yet to offer an update about the Switch version in the many months since then, however.

An action-RPG, Genshin Impact released as a free-to-play title on PC, PS4, and mobile platforms in September 2020. It became an overnight success, quickly accumulating a large player base and generating millions upon millions of dollars. The phenomenon hasn’t slowed down either, thanks in large part to miHoYo’s ongoing support with incremental patches and major content updates. The most recent of said updates, Version 1.5, arrived in late April, unleashing a free PlayStation 5 upgrade, Diona and Noelle Hangout Events, and much more. While all of these additions keep players occupied, there does exist one question that continues to linger – Where is the Nintendo Switch iteration?

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According to claims by Genshin Report, a Twitter account unaffiliated with the brand, the Switch version of Genshin Impact will “likely [releases] sometime this year.” The post from the Genshin Impact leaker additionally alleges that issues due to “weaker hardware” serve as the cause for the lengthy hold up. DualShockers notes this doesn’t count as the first instance of a report citing Switch hardware as the issue. Apparently, eShop compatibility constitutes another stumbling block, along with concerns about how best to implement microtransactions on the platform.

The report seems to provide at least somewhat of an explanation as to why Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch port is taking so long to see the light of day. However, as always, it’s best to take in all rumor and speculation with a grain of salt.

Genshin Impact fans are waiting with bated breath for more than an update on the eventual Nintendo Switch release. Despite the recent rollout of the free-to-play title’s Version 1.5 patch, players remain eager for news related to the 1.6 update. Interestingly, premature leaks have allegedly answered several questions about what’s on the docket. One leak suggests Ayaka will finally become a playable character; yet another indicates miHoYo is preparing to unleash character skins. When the developer plans to clarify all of the above itself is anyone’s guess at present.

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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS devices.

Source: Genshin Report/Twitter via DualShockers

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