How Google Is Making It Easier To Fix Compromised Passwords In Chrome

Google is making it quicker and easier for Chrome users to change a compromised password. Here’s how the security feature works and what to expect.

Google is offering Chrome users an easier way to ensure their passwords are safe, or to change passwords when they become compromised. Making sure passwords are secure is a crucial step in protecting private information online and one way to keep passwords secure is to update them regularly. However, there are times when users might not be aware that a password isn’t safe, and this can lead to issues, including important information being stolen. 

In 2020, a spyware attack utilized Google Chrome extensions to steal data from users and figure out their passwords. In 2021, Google has already been taking steps to improve the safety of users and the information that they share. For example, Google recently announced it was improving account security by automatically enrolling users in two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA. Google is also taking another step to ensure user privacy by choosing to remove (and not replace) third-party cookie trackers in Chrome. 

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During the company’s annual I/O event, Google announced that users can now change compromised passwords with one tap. When using the browser’s Check passwords feature, a new “Change password” prompt will be visible when a user’s password is determined to be compromised. A quick click on the prompt will result in Chrome speeding up changing the password by automatically heading to the site and starting the process. In fact, users can either let Assistant do all the work for them or manually take over the process at any time. The new feature is first rolling out to Android users in the U.S. that already sync their passwords, but will become available in other countries in the future. In addition, while it does require a website to support the feature, Google says the plan is to add more websites in the coming months. 

Enabling Stronger Password Protection In Chrome

The new feature builds on a previous security measure that’s already available in Google Chrome. Therefore, users will need to access the Settings and turn on the option, if they want to be alerted when their password has been involved in a data breach. To enable (or disable) the feature, tap on Privacy & security and then on Safe browsing. After selecting the Standard Protection” option, the user can then either turn on or off the “Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach” feature. 

A security breach can occur anywhere online, and even when using seemingly safe websites likes Amazon and Facebook. Due to this, it’s important for users to know their passwords and accounts are secure, something that’s all the more important with a popular browser like Google Chrome. After all, Chrome not only allows users to save passwords, but also credit card information and other personal data as well. With Google making it easier to detect and fix compromised passwords, it is another way users can ensure their accounts and related information remains safe. 

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