Joshua Jackson Becomes A Deadly Surgeon In Chilling Dr. Death Trailer

Peacock releases the trailer for the Dr. Death series, which stars Joshua Jackson, and follows the true events of the sociopath surgeon.

The first trailer for Dr. Death shows Joshua Jackson become the deadly surgeon, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, in a new limited series from Peacock. Slated to premiere this summer on Peacock, Dr. Death follows Dr. Duntsch, a charming Dallas surgeon whose neurosurgery practice becomes a target after numerous patients who come in for routine surgery leave permanently maimed or dead. Based on the true events that were highlighted in the first season of journalist Laura Beil’s successful Wondery podcast, Dr. Death is helmed by directors Jennifer Morrison (House M.D.), Maggie Kiley, and So Yong Kim.

Peacock has now released the official trailer for Dr. Death. As Duntsch’s surgeries continue to go wrong, fellow surgeons, played by Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater, begin to suspect the doctor’s deadly malpractices. Co-starring Carrie Preston and Anna Sophia Robb, Dr. Death is unveiled in the first trailer, and the eerie clip begins with Jackson as Duntsch preparing for surgery. Check out the bone-chilling trailer for Dr. Death, below:

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Packed with intense moments of operations gone wrong, confrontations between the suspecting staff, and Jackson as the deadly doctor arrogantly stating, “You take my license in Texas; there’s an entire world out there,” the trailer for Dr. Death makes the case that the series is a must-see Peacock original show. Of course, Jackson has made incredible strides in his career after portraying teenage heartthrob Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek, and his take on the titular surgeon appears to hit the mark. Chronicling the harrowing true events of the spine surgeon who became a cold-blooded killer, Dr. Death arrives on Peacock this summer.

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