Paedon Rex Brown’s Job, Age, Instagram & More

Paedon Rex is the son of Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown. From his age to run-ins with the law, there is plenty to learn about him.

Paedon Rex Brown from Sister Wives has been a regular on the show since its premiere in 2010, and we have gathered lots of fascinating facts about his life. He is one of Kody Brown’s 18 children. As a member of the unconventional TLC reality series, Paedon (along with his abundant family) has found himself at the center of controversy. He’s also become famous at a young age.

Paedon was born on August 7, 1998, in Lehi, Utah. This means Paedon is a 22-year-old who was born with a Leo Sun sign. Paedon is his mother Christine’s third child. He’s his father Kody’s seventh child. Recent COVID-19 vaccine recipient Christine Brown and her husband Kody went on to have three children after Paedon. They are Gwendlyn Genielle, Ysabel Paige, and Truely Grace. Paedon’s relationships with his siblings have not always been harmonious, as Gwendlyn recently demonstrated when she appeared to imply that she found her brother racist in a Twitter conversation, according to Cheatsheet. Paedon was born and raised in Utah. At the age of 14, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with the family. In August 2017, Peadon graduated from Las Vegas’ Centennial High School.

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Since his high school graduation, Paedon has followed in his half-brother Garrison Brown’s career path by joining the National Guard. Kody and Janelle’s 23-year-old son Garrison joined the National Guard in July of 2016, and the couple’s 24-year-old son Hunter joined the Air Force Academy in 2015. After completing high school in Las Vegas, Paedon returned to Utah to complete the National Guard boot camp in January 2019. Paedon graduated from the National Guard boot camp in April 2019. Only a handful of months after graduating from boot camp, news of Paedon and his father falling into legal trouble made the headlines. According to a Starcasm article from August 2019, Kody and Paedon were being sued over a car accident the two were involved in. The accident took place in Las Vegas in 2017. The two were reportedly sued for $15,000 due to the injuries they allegedly caused.

Beyond the headlines, Paedon can be found posting at his @paedonbrown Instagram account. Paedon Rex Brown has accumulated a following of 19,700 Instagram users. The Sister Wives star’s use of the social media platform dates back to his first post in February of 2014. Despite only having made 55 other posts since launching his Instagram account, Paedon has posted as recently as May 4. A dedicated member of the comprehensive Brown clan, the vast majority of Paedon’s posts celebrate his family members, from his baby niece and nephews to his many siblings to his unorthodox set of parents. Additionally, Paedon’s Instagram highlights his interests outside of his reality TV family (one family member is Kody’s legal wife, fashion company owner Robyn). His interests include joining the Air Force, the Harry Potter series, and spending time with friends.

With 17 siblings and four parents, it’s easy for Paedon Rex to get lost in the fray. However, over his 22 years, Paedon has found himself at the center of controversy in the press, due to legal battles, squabbles with siblings, and being a member of an atypical family. Fortunately, fans of Sister Wives (along with Paedon’s big family) continue to have his back.

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