Red Dead Online’s Gold Bar Locations Should Only Be In Mines

Red Dead Online’s gold bar premium currency can be earned many different ways, but spawning gold in mines would add to the game’s overall immersion.

Red Dead Online is the online multiplayer mode that originally shipped with Red Dead Redemption 2 and went live shortly after the main game’s release. In late 2020, the game was offered as a separate product and made available for purchase on Steam. In RDO, players control a silent protagonist recently escaped from prison. Set a year before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, up to four players can work together to progress in the story and explore the expansive map. Red Dead Online allows players to form posses, make camps, complete co-op and solo missions, and even occupy positions like the Bounty Hunter or Naturalist roles.

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As is the case with most online games these days, Red Dead Online shipped with a form of premium currency known as Gold Bars. Gold is used to purchase weapons, customization options, improve campsites, obtain horses and dogs, and purchase items that would otherwise be level locked. Thankfully, Gold Bars are not only available through microtransactions in Red Dead Online. Players can obtain Gold in RDO by completing Daily Challenges, Stranger Missions, Story Missions, hunting down RDO bounties, and finding Treasure Maps. However, the Treasure Map option has the most untapped potential.

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Treasure Maps spawn across the world of RDO, available to players through purchases from strangers, looting in gang hideouts, and as a passive reward from ranking up. Treasure Maps guide players to a series of locations across Red Dead Online‘s map, with there being no rhyme or reason as to why Gold can be found there. Locations such as Twin Rocks or Lakay aren’t exactly hidden – though they can be confusing for players trying to access their prize. By implementing regular spawns for Red Dead Online’s Gold in mines, the conflict between players, wildlife, and enemy NPCs could be centralized under more challenging locations. Mines, by design, end up turning into labyrinths after extensive excavation, and introducing more puzzles and challenges to RDO’s core gameplay could increase its longevity.

Red Dead Online: Mines Are Dangerous & So Is Gold Hunting

Annesburg in red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s map is already home to several mines and hidden cave lairs which could be utilized for Gold mining and hunting. These mines and caverns exist across the map and rarely entice players to venture within. While expanding opportunities to obtain Gold in RDO within mines can increase the number of activities for players, it can also make use of another location: Annesburg. A mining town on the east side of the map, Annesburg was a late-game location in RDR2’s story mode. Home to lawmen, miners, and the infamous Murfree Brood, turning Annesburg into a hotspot for Gold mining or Treasure Map sales could center PvP activities into one region and allow other players to carry on with their business across the rest of the map.

While it’s unlikely for Rockstar to offer more in-game ways to obtain premium currency, implementing more immersive events into existing systems could extend the game’s longevity. Introducing puzzles, riddles, and dangers to players hunting for Gold could also increase the risk-reward system of RDO. Gambling with one’s life and investing in supplies to help posses travel through dangerous mines could introduce another layer of immersion and an additional activity for players to pursue during their time in Red Dead Online.

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