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Attack the Block 2 is officially in the works with John Boyega reteaming with Joe Cornish. Here’s what to know about a release date, cast, and story.

Attack the Block 2 is officially in development, and here’s everything to know about the possible release date, cast, and story details. A decade has passed since Joe Cornish released Attack the Block, which served as the filmmaker’s directorial debut. The British sci-fi comedy wasn’t a box office hit, but it has since acquired cult classic status based on the thrilling plot and stellar cast. Aside from John Boyega, who got his start in acting with the lead role, Attack the Block featured Jodie Whittaker, Nick Frost, and Franz Drameh.

Released in 2011, Attack the Block followed a South London street gang led by a teen named Moses (Boyega). While mugging a local nurse, Samantha (Whittaker), a meteorite fell from the sky. Moses and his friends soon found out those falling objects were alien invaders, forcing them to come together to defend their neighborhood from an attack. During the adventure, the gang teamed up with others from the residential high rise, such as Samantha and Ron (Frost), the gang’s weed dealer. In addition to aliens, Moses and his friends found themselves at odds with Ron’s threatening boss, Hi-Hatz (Jumayn Hunter). Despite being wrongly accused of the death and destruction in the area, Moses emerged as a hero, proving he was capable of greater things in life.

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As Attack the Block continued to gain popularity in the years after its release, interest in a sequel started to increase. After his directorial debut, Cornish went on to co-write Ant-Man before writing and directing his second feature film, 2019’s The Kid Who Would Be King. Meanwhile, Boyega rose to fame by playing Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy while Whittaker became the first female “Doctor” in Doctor Who. While there were rumblings of a possible expansion of the original story, nothing came to fruition. Thankfully, Cornish finally confirmed Attack the Block 2 is happening with Boyega back as Moses, and here’s what fans can expect.

Attack The Block 2 Release Date

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At the time of writing, there’s no word yet regarding a release date for Attack the Block 2. Though Cornish doesn’t have any major projects on deck, Boyega could be busy for the time being. The actor finished work on They Cloned Tyrone, but he’s been tapped for roles in Rebel Ridge, The Test, and Borderland. Unless work on Attack the Block could be fit in between some of those projects, it’s likely production won’t get started until sometime in 2022. The original movie only took six weeks to film, but a bigger sequel might call for more production needs. The best guess would be a 2023 release for Attack the Block 2 at the earliest. Seeing as the first movie took place on Guy Fawkes Night, it would be fitting for the sequel to release on November 5th.

Attack The Block 2 Cast

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So far, Boyega is the only confirmed actor set to return for Attack the Block 2. With Cornish on board as director, it’s possible he can attract some of the stars from his 2011 movie to also reprise their roles. The filmmaker has a strong friendship with Frost, making his return likely. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see Whittaker reprise her role as Samantha. Another name to look out for would be Alex Esmail as Pest, who served as Moses’ second in command. On the production side, Nira Park and James Wilson are also back for Attack the Block 2.

Attack The Block 2 Story Details

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According to Boyega’s comments on Attack the Block 2, the sequel will “see this heightened story return to the streets of London.” He noted that a lot has changed since the events of the first movie, implying Moses is at a different stage of his life. Granted, the character will yet again lead the charge against alien invaders within the inner-city of London. The stakes will undoubtedly be higher, and the story will be bigger, a note reiterated by Cornish. Moses and his friends thought they stopped the invaders on Guy Fawkes Night in 2011, but something must force the extraterrestrial species to come back to Earth. Details might be few and far between, but there’s already plenty of intrigue surrounding Attack the Block 2.

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