Season 3 Facts (& What To Expect From The Show)

As in seasons one and two, Glow Up season three participants will be expected to perform a number of challenges quickly, while under major pressure.

The BBC and Netflix makeup competition Glow Up has aired for two seasons, and we have information about the upcoming third season. Some things have changed in the latest release. while other things have remained familiar, but in a good way. Fans of the show are curious about what to expect, and we have answers. We also have information about the upcoming season’s premiere date. 

The full name of the reality series is actually Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, but most refer to the show as Glow Up. The series is competition-based. Various makeup artists (MUAs for short) participate in a number of unique beauty challenges (Jane Oakley was a makeup guru who placed seventh in season two) to try and take the crown. Their technical skill, application speed, and versatility are put to the test. In 2019, the first season kicked off, and glamorous and posh Ellis Atlantis was the winner. The second season followed shortly after in 2020, and the edgy artist Ophelia Liu won. The reality show is doing quite well, with a third season on the way. 

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Glow Up is available on BBC and Netflix platforms. The third season is already airing on BBC and is expected to become available on Netflix shortly after it’s finished. The series began airing on April 20 and is currently four episodes in. However, previous seasons were available on Netflix before airing on BBC, so the timeline is unclear. According to Tyla, Stacey Dooley, who also appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, will not be returning as a presenter for the newest season. Instead, Maya Jama will be taking her place. The two ladies transitioned amicably, with the former host Stacey saying, “Good luck honey, you’re going to smash it!” Maya responded, “Like she’s been amazing and she’s doing incredible, incredible bits as usual anyway, so I think it was a nice crossover.” Later on, Jama posted on Instagram: 

The contestants of Glow Up season 3 include Ryley Isaac, Sophie Baverstock, Xavier Singh, Jack Oliver, Alex, Dolli OKoriko, Nic Marilyn, Craig Hamilton, and Samah Say. Like previous seasons, participants are expected to perform a number of challenges under high pressure and at a rapid pace. In the past, contestants, such as MUA Belinda Chatterton, have done runway makeup, YouTube makeup tutorials, conceptual makeup, and much more. Val Garland and Dominic Skinner are returning as judges. Guest judges are expected to participate too. 

Like past seasons, Glow Up contestants are expected to bring inspiring, vibrant, and impressive makeup looks to the show. Each individual has their own unique style and experiences, which influence the art they create. We can’t wait to see what these MUAs do and who will take the crown!

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Source: Tyla, TV Shows AceMaya Jama/Instagram 

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