Skyrim: Unique Character Builds To Refresh The Game

Players who return to Skyrim several times over may find themselves growing bored of their playstyle. Here are some unique builds to change things up.

Skyrim features a wide assortment of skill trees that players can utilize, combining various skills to create unique combinations of strengths and abilities in combat. But players who return to the game many times over may find themselves falling into patterns when it comes to customizing their characters. So which character builds are actually best for mixing things up on subsequent playthroughs?

Not all character builds are created equal. Some skills deal significantly more damage than others. Stealth archers, for example, are regularly cited by many fans as one of the most powerful character types in Skyrim. While this playstyle is reliable, it’s not always interesting to players who have already tried it out.

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The Dragonborn’s race also has some impact on abilities in Skyrim.  For instance, Altmer are more suited to magic than a Khajiit might be, and a Nord will be well prepared to go up against mages who use ice magic in combat. For this reason, players should take their character’s race into account when trying to create a new build.

Unique Skyrim Build: Master Of Unarmed

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Players who start Skyrim as a Khajiit are given a boost to unarmed combat, providing them with a viable starting point in early levels. From there, they can boost their skills on low-level enemies up until they reach Riften, at which point they can find an enchantment that allows them to further boost their unarmed attacks. Couple this with the Fists of Steel perk, and the Dragonborn can venture across the province punching dragons without ever picking up a sword.

Unique Skyrim Build: Necromancer

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Skyrim doesn’t feature a genuine necromancy branch of magic, but the game does include various spells that could fall under this category. By raising the Dragonborn’s conjuration skill, players can raise undead thrall to fight for them. The Soul Tear shout, which is introduced to the game in the Dawnguard expansion, fills a soul gem as well as raising the opponent’s body from the dead. Couple these abilities with the necromancer robes that can be found on various enemies throughout the game, and there’s plenty of room for players to create a necromancing mage.

Unique Skyrim Build: Squib

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A squib, to borrow a term from the Harry Potter series, is a wizard who can’t actually use magic. In the context of Skyrim, this means that players have to rely on scrolls and staffs to cast spells for them. Obtaining so many magical items across Skyrim can get expensive quickly – unless players take to thievery instead – and having to rely on inventory rather than abilities can prove challenging in combat, but that’s a large part of what makes this build so unique.

With so many skills to choose from, there’s a nearly endless combination of abilities to give the Dragonborn in order to create new and unusual character builds. While some of these playstyles may prove more difficult than others, especially on higher difficulty settings, they present a unique challenge that players should try out if they’re looking to refresh their Skyrim experience.

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