Spider-Man Writer Admits Peter’s Worst Romance Was A Mistake

Spider-Man writer and Silk co-creator Dan Slott admitted on Twitter that his bizarre romantic relationship between the two heroes was a mistake.

Silk has become one of the more popular spider-heroes in the Marvel Universe, but the character’s co-creator just admitted one of the weirdest elements from her earlier appearances with Spider-Man was a mistake. Dan Slott wrote on Twitter that making Cindy Moon and Peter Parker’s relationship so sexual in the comics (due to attraction caused by pheromones) was a bad idea and a mistake and was happy to see the storyline dropped by future writers.

Cindy Moon first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man (2014) and was co-created by Slott and Humberto Ramos. Moon would become the hero known as Silk after being bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker. After the villain Morlun tried to find Cindy, she was locked away from the outside world for years. After being released, Cindy and Peter learned their pheromones caused by the spider bite made them unable to control themselves around each other, as they would constantly get aroused and intimate with one another. It led to a number of sexual encounters in awkward moments.

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Silk and Spider-Man’s constant attraction and intimacy wasn’t well-received among readers (even if Cindy Moon was) and was eventually toned down and scrapped when other writers started writing the character. In a recent tweet, Slott wrote he was very proud to introduce Silk to the Marvel Universe, but admitted adding the “complication” that both Cindy and Peter were attracted to each other due to their biological wiring was a “bad idea and a mistake.”

Slott would elaborate on the tweet, saying the mistakes were all on his part and not to blame Ramos, or any other creators or artists. He said he listened to reactions from readers – most notably Asian readers – and said he unintentionally played into racial stereotypes with the Silk. He called his story-making decisions ignorant and said if he could go back and time and change the storyline, he would. Slott added Robbie Thompson and Nick Lowe would “thankfully” get rid of the problematic elements when they took over the character for her first ongoing series.

Rarely do you see a writer, especially as high profile as Slott, admit they made mistakes when it came to the characterization and plotlines of a hero they helped create. In this case, Slott has clearly understood over time making Peter Parker and Cindy Moon’s relationship so sexual was not only a mistake but how it played into harmful racial stereotypes. As Slott mentioned, Silk’s first ongoing series undid a lot of the damage he created and the character. In good news, the hero has since become a popular hero in the Marvel Universe outside of Spider-Man largely thanks to creators who have handled her storylines with much more care. Still, kudos to Slott for admitting he made mistakes with the character.

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