Star Wars Better Explains Why Stormtroopers Were So Loyal

Star Wars: The Bad Batch better explains why Stormtroopers were so loyal and willing to enlist in the new Galactic Empire after the Clone Wars.

Thanks to Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+, more explanation and details are provided as to why Imperial Stormtroopers were so loyal to the Empire. In this era of the Star Wars timeline, the Empire has just risen from the ashes of the destroyed Republic in the wake of The Clone Wars. As a result, Governor Tarkin is deciding how the new Imperial military will be built going forwards, leaning towards the ideas presented by Vice Admiral Rampart about enlisted troops opposed to the Empire continuing the Republic’s cloning contract with Kamino. Additionally, one of the biggest pros Rampart is pushing for is the loyalty of a soldier willing to fight.

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Thus far in The Bad Batch, Governor Tarkin has shown little interest in continuing the clone armies for the Empire largely due to cost, believing that recruiting forces from the Empire’s own populace across the galaxy would be far more effective. However, he does see the benefit of Clone Force 99’s sniper known as Crosshair, whose working inhibitor chip motivated him to turn on his squad who fled Kamino. However, the introduction of Vice Admiral Rampart and Project War-Mantle in The Bad Batch season 1, episode 3, “Replacements” has brought with it more reasons for Tarkin to abandon clone production.

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With Rampart’s plan, clones would train newly recruited troops as elite soldiers, before the clones themselves would eventually be phased out. To prove his point, Rampart already recruited the first elite squad, and Crosshair joins them as their field leader. Additionally, Tarkin and Rampart study the troopers before their first mission, and one soldier in particular shares some insightful words: “With the Empire I get paid, I get fed, and I have a roof over my head. That’s more than the Republic ever did for me.” This bolsters Rampart’s belief that a recruited and loyal soldier is more valuable that a clone could ever be.


While it’s already known that the clones will eventually be phased out, it’s interesting to learn more why the Empire went with the future Stormtroopers. Despite the Empire being the source of the galaxy’s oppression, enlistment must have seemed like the promise of new life where recruits could get food, pay, and a purpose for their lives serving something greater than themselves. Furthermore, it’s not hard to imagine that this particular soldier’s sentiments about the past Republic were held by others as well. Likewise, the Empire creating a means to attract willing and loyal soldiers was ingenious as it continued to tighten its grip on the galaxy.

However, there is another side to that coin, which is when the atrocities of the Empire outweighs said loyalty. As was seen later on in the episode, that same elite trooper refused to open fire on civilians, whom the Empire declared to be insurgents with orders to kill. While this lead to this trooper’s death by the hands of Crosshair, there were other Imperial agents who likewise became disillusioned by the Empire and defected to the Rebellion over time. That being said, many more remained loyal to the Emperor still, regardless of how many were killed and terrors they committed in his name. In any case, it’s going to be interesting to see what other details will be revealed in upcoming episodes of Star Wars: The Batch Batch as the Empire’s transition to stormtroopers continues.

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