What Dungeons & Dragons’ Domains Of Dread Are In 5th Edition D&D

Dungeons & Dragons players can become trapped in any of the Domains of Dread, creating a challenging campaign setting perfect for horror fans.

There are many unfortunate locations within the realms of Dungeons & Dragons a party can stumble into. Whether on purpose or by accident, becoming trapped in a dangerous plane of existence can be a perilous and potentially life-threatening situation for each party member. This is especially true for those who find themselves in one of Dungeons & Dragons’ many Domains of Dread hidden within the sinister depths of the Shadowfell.

The Domains of Dread are a collection of Demiplanes scattered throughout the darkness of D&D’s Shadowfell. These planes of existence tend to be small and are often home to dangerous monsters, evil intentions, and powerful Darklords. Entering these domains can be difficult, and often requires aid from someone or something that belongs to the domain the party is attempting to access. It is also possible for the party to get brought into a domain without realizing where they may end up. However, once inside one of these doomed Demiplanes, getting out can be particularly difficult.

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Each of the Domains of Dread has a horror element, and many are based on stories or myths players may be familiar with. The popular domain of Barovia is filled with vampires and werewolves and is the setting for the well-known D&D campaign The Curse of Strahd. The domain of Barovia is ruled by the Darklord Strahd von Zarovich, a Lawful-Evil vampire intent on forcing all who live within the land to bend to his influence. Barovia is an excellent setting for fans of the classic novel Dracula, or those who enjoy movies like Van Helsing.

D&D’s Van Richten’s Guide To Ravenloft Adds New Domains Of Dread

Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft Campaign Who Van Richten Is

For those wanting a challenging D&D campaign with a different horror flavor, the Domain of Dread Har’Akir could be the right fit. Ruled by the Darklord Pharaoh Anhktepot, Har’Akir is a domain based on the undead stories of ancient Egypt inspired by movies like The Mummy. This setting is particularly fun for fans of Egyptian Mythology and has more opportunities for homebrew world-building than the domain of Barovia, which has been extensively developed in a number of canon campaign sourcebooks.

Fans will also be able to explore a 5th Edition Domain based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, with the reintroduction of Lamordia in the release of the D&D Sourcebook Van Richten’s Guide To RavenloftThe new sourcebook will cover 30 Domains of Dread, some of which appeared in older editions of Dungeons & Dragons. The information on these domains will offer Dungeons & Dragons horror fans updated settings to explore, and better explain how the Domains of Dread function in 5th Edition gameplay.

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