When Animal Crossing’s International Museum Day 2021 Ends

Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s International Museum Day is back for 2021. Here’s when the limited-time event starts and ends this year.

International Museum Day is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This year, the event has a few changes and improvements – but it’s still only available to players for a limited time. Here’s everything to know about International Museum Day 2021, including its start time and when it ends.

This year’s International Museum Day in New Horizons began on May 18. The main part of the event is the Stamp Rally, where players try to find hidden stamps in exchange for plaques. The locations of stamps around the museum will change every day, which means it’s not always easy to find all three hidden stamp locations in Animal Crossing‘s latest event. However, players who participate in the Stamp Rally every day will have a chance to earn some valuable rewards and Bells.

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The 2021 Stamp Rally in Animal Crossing will have players looking around for stamps based on Bugs, Fossils, and Fish. With stamps gathered, players will take their collections over to Blathers, who will reward them with a Bug Plaque, Fossil Plaque, Fish Plaque, or Art Plaque. The latest International Museum Day has also made some changes from last year’s event, including an increase in plaque prices. Now, plaques can sell for 2500 Bells, meaning players can make 10,000 Bells a day until the event is over.

When Animal Crossing’s 2021 Stamp Rally Event Is Over

A player talks to Blathers about International Museum Day and the Stamp Rally in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While some players may simply only be interested in completing the Stamp Rally once, others may want to take advantage of the plaques’ values and farm them every day for more Bells. However, as with other events in Animal Crossing, International Museum Day and the Stamp Rally are only available for a limited time. So, players will only have two weeks to participate.

Although it’s called International Museum Day, the event itself actually lasts more than just a 24-hour period. This year’s event lasts until May 31, 2021. That means players have from May 18-31 to collect stamps in Animal Crossing’s museum, get plaques, and earn Bells. And while the locations of stamps may change from day to day, Stamp Rally itself usually only takes fifteen minutes or so to complete. So, it’s definitely worth the extra Bells players can earn by participating.

Although many fans are eager for larger, content-heavy updates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these seasonal events are still a nice way to keep players coming back to the game. The changes made to the Stamp Rally this year are also welcome, and perhaps hint at some even bigger changes in the future.

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