Why (& How) New Pokémon Snap’s LenTalk Requests Need Improvement

New Pokémon Snap’s LenTalk Requests can be vague, picky, and bug out if players aren’t careful. Patches and specificity are the key to fixing this.

New Pokémon Snap is an on-rails first-person photography game that takes place in the Lental region. Serving as the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 Pokémon Snap game on the Nintendo 64, New Pokémon Snap brings back nostalgic features which made the first game so enjoyable. Pokémon wander freely in their wild habitats, interacting with the environment, other Pokémon, and with items that players utilize during the game. Taking pictures of Pokémon in various courses fills up the Photodex, with over 200 Pokémon available to photograph throughout the game. A new feature in New Pokémon Snap is the LenTalk Requests, a form of side missions given out by the Research Team, that definitely needs some improvement.

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These requests ask the player to capture photos of Pokémon doing specific actions during the course or require the player to interact with the Pokémon using some of the items at their disposal. A few of the requests offer rewards that allow players to customize their profile or photos, but most only offer opportunities to obtain three and four-star photographs in New Pokémon Snap. Despite the noble intentions of including this feature, the request system leaves much to be desired.

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While the LenTalk Requests encourage a level of replayability for the various courses in New Pokémon Snap, several flaws exist in the current system. As it stands now, most of the requests don’t have any rewards for completing them. While the missions work players through courses which have previously been completed with Pokémon that have likely already been photographed, achieving the standards of those photos is nearly impossible without looking up a guide. The descriptions of the missions rarely specify what Pokémon players need to photograph, let alone what actions the Pokémon needs to be caught doing to fulfill the request.

LenTalk Requests Are Too Vague, and Too Picky

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Searching up guides to complete the LenTalk Requests in New Pokémon Snap is one of the only ways to complete them in a timely manner. Editing the descriptions of the requests to include more specific explanations about the parameters of the photographs would make the tasks more enjoyable and simpler to fulfill. In addition to specifying what activity needs to be photographed, improving the game’s recognition system as soon as possible is a vital improvement.

Photographs taken of Pokémon performing the desired behavior are sometimes not counted as completing the request. For example, one request asks players to photograph two Bouffalant butting heads. However, unless this photograph is taken after angering the Bouffalant with music, the picture taken does not fulfill the request. Additionally, players have been running into an issue where photographs that complete LenTalk Requests have already been handed in for evaluation before the requests have been accepted, resulting in a completed request which cannot be claimed. These bugs need to be patched in New Pokémon Snap as soon as possible to maintain replayability for the different courses and to continue rewarding players for their work in-game.

Despite the flaws in New Pokémon Snap’s request system, the game is only a month old. Seeing as Pokémon Sword and Shield are still receiving updates, it is not entirely out of the question that Nintendo will keep implementing patches for its most recent Pokémon installment. New Pokémon Snap’s LenTalk Requests have the right idea to maintain replayability for the game but need a bit of polishing to perfect them.

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