Xbox Celebrates 20 Years Since Shrek Game Came Out On OG Xbox

This November will mark the 20th anniversary of the Shrek game’s launch on the original Xbox, an occasion Xbox itself is now celebrating.

November 15, 2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Shrek game’s release on the original Xbox console, but the crew at Xbox is celebrating now. Interestingly, this particular movie tie-in never migrated to other platforms. However, an overhauled version of the experience, Shrek: Extra Large, hit GameCube in 2002, complete with extra levels and other fresh content – hence the Extra Large subtitle. Most intriguing is that Battlefield creator DICE developed these projects.

As one of the original Xbox’s launch titles, some fondly remember the Shrek game as an underrated platformer. And it warrants recognition as a standout amongst contemporary licensed games that rarely hit the mark. Of course, that stigma would slowly start to fade thanks to Radical Entertainment’s release of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction in 2005 and Raven Softworks’ X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Rocksteady’s work on Batman: Arkham Asylum completely turned the tide in August 2009, but credit Shrek deserves its flowers, as well.

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The Shrek game’s 20th anniversary doesn’t officially kick in until November 15, but if Halo and Xbox can celebrate their anniversaries early, why can’t the big green ogre get a head start, too? Today, Xbox did just that, tweeting an image of the platformer’s box art in recognition of its milestone year. There’s a lot to love about the image, too – the purple background, Shrek’s close up, and a quick marketing blurb that makes mention of “new characters designed by Todd McFarlane.” Apparently, even the Spawn creator played an integral part in Shrek mania. And if anyone’s thinking Xbox may have something extra special up its sleeve, leave those expectations at the door. The brand’s Twitter account said the post in no way, shape, or form, constituted a tease.

While Xbox’s follow-up tweet dashes any hopes fans may have of a remaster or Xbox Game Pass release for the original, players who own a copy can still celebrate Shrek’s anniversary to their heart’s content. Backward compatibility allows users to insert the discs of original Xbox titles in the Xbox Series X|S, meaning the possibilities for self-induced nostalgia are limitless.

As noted above, Xbox itself and Halo also turn 20 this year. Both proved instrumental to the trajectory of console gaming, too. Many may recall that Xbox represented the first console to launch with a built-in Ethernet jack. And Halo: Combat Evolved forever changed shooter and multiplayer experiences on console.

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Source: Xbox/Twitter

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