Almighty: Kill Your Gods Early Access Preview

Almighty: Kill Your Gods has a long road ahead of it in Early Access, as the current version suffers from floaty combat and an overload of resources.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a new action RPG from developer RUNWILD Entertainment and is currently in Early Access on Steam. Towering bosses and hordes of demons challenge heroes that run like wolves and hurl objects three times their size like it was nothing. Spirits appear as giant heads in the sky to instruct those on terra firma. Claws become most effective when used to punch shields head-on. This is all very clear from the beginning, but there’s still something about the wire-fu movement and combat of Almighty that makes it feel slightly off.

Players start off Almighty: Kill Your Gods as a freshly transformed Alpha, the first hunter of its type in a generation. They’re led through a long string of tutorials explaining the innumerable mechanics at the core of a complex web of systems. Alphas head out to other islands to gather mineral resources, dig up buried treasure, slash through demonic foes, and hurl boars into portals, among many other things. Back home, the goal is to rebuild a homestead devastated by constant attacks from the gigantic false gods that wiped out the other Alphas years before. It’s a lot to comprehend right at the beginning, especially since the game seemingly doesn’t have bespoke tutorial areas to practice in. Players just have to find whatever their current objective is and avoid all the enemies from the other missions along the way.

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A game with this many systems in place needs to hook players with a satisfying gameplay loop, whether that’s in some sort of combat or managing resources. Almighty: Kill Your Gods does not accomplish this in its current state. The action gameplay feels incredibly loose and floaty. There’s no sense of impact in the melee or ranged attacks, and it’s not just a problem for the Alphas. Players may not even realize they’re taking damage, leading to sudden deaths and a forced Dark Souls corpse run to regather resources. Alphas can leap incredible bounds and glide through the air with no resistance, and then slam back to the ground on the turn of a dime. Despite some appealing visual flair, each combat encounter feels like entering a martial arts exhibition on the Moon.

Almighty Kill Your Gods Giant Monster

On the resource management end, it feels like there is no end to the materials available to gather across Almighty‘s various islands. Whether that’s good or bad depends on how appealing collecting sounds in a game centered around over-the-top combat, but users may take pause at the looting aspects here. It takes a long while to get to the point where any of this loot becomes usable in a meaningful way as well, but there is some reward at the end of the tunnel for those who find Almighty‘s unique visual style and crazy combat enjoyable.

At the end of the day, Almighty: Kill Your Gods has a long way to go in Early Access before it’s ready for mass consumption. The combat feels several iterations away from the type of tight and enjoyable melee action seen in something like Monster Hunter. The resources and loot feel overwhelming, even if they do eventually make sense. The best thing the game does have going for it is a great aesthetic and a unique world. Here’s hoping that the team at RUNWILD Entertainment can take advantage of that and forge something worthy of the gods.

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Almighty: Kill Your Gods is out now on PC via Steam Early Access. Screen Rant was provided a Steam key for the purposes of this preview.

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