Days Gone Devs Talk Continuing Story In Comic Book

The story of Days Gone could continue in a comic book or other medium, in theory, and one of the developers has even had a conversation about it.

Open world zombie game Days Gone could continue via a comic book series, possibly exploring Deacon’s story and the larger world around him. Whether or not it actually happens remains to be seen, but one of the developers of Days Gone is very interested in the idea and noted that he’s “excited” thinking about it.

A Days Gone sequel was reportedly rejected by Sony back in 2019 due to its lengthy production, mixed reviews, and more, leaving fans of Bend Studio’s undead shooter feeling a bit empty. Bend built out a pretty large world for the IP and left a significant cliffhanger for fans to chew on until a sequel came. In this day and age, sequels are almost always a guarantee, so it sometimes makes sense to plant seeds for the future, but this didn’t pan out for Bend.

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With that said, the story could continue, in theory. Days Gone‘s Lead Designer Ron Allen stated in an interview with Screen Rant that he’s excited about continuing to explore that world through another medium and has had discussions about it with others. Although not all of the ideas for Days Gone 2, such as co-op, would be able to translate into any other medium outside of games, it allows fans to continue to interact with the IP.

“To be honest, I had a conversation not that long ago about this same type of stuff. There’s so many stories to be had in the Days Gone world, and this was Deacon St. John’s story. Days Gone is about his life and his loss, and how he’s dealing with this pandemic – and he’s not the only one that survived. So yes, you’re right. There could be so many stories and so many things to be had inside this universe. And it excites me just even thinking about it.”

Days Gone PC Boozer And Deacon

Days Gone fans are still demanding a sequel and have made a petition with over 100,000 signatures. Whether or not this actually has the ability to influence Sony’s decision remains to be seen, but the likes of The Last of Us and God of War have had comic books that expanded the world and characters, so it’s not hard to imagine something similar happening for Days Gone.

Given that Bend and Sony just released a new PC port that seems to be getting a better reception than the PS4 version did at launch, there may be some hope for Days Gone getting a sequel. Bend is reportedly working on a new IP for the time being, so it may be a while, but perhaps if this new port performs well and enough people demand it, Sony may reconsider a Days Gone sequel when Bend is preparing to make its next game.

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