Days Gone PC Sales Could Lead To a Sequel, Star Sam Witwer Says

In a Reddit AMA, Deacon St. John actor Sam Witwer said buying Days Gone on PC could be the best way to show Sony that a sequel is worth it.

Speaking with fans in a recent Reddit AMA, Deacon St. John actor Sam Witwer noted that buying Days Gone’s PC version could constitute the best way to convince Sony to greenlight a sequel. For the last several weeks, Days Gone faithful have rallied to show their love for the game following news that Sony rejected developer Bend Studio’s pitch for a follow-up.

Days Gone originally launched digitally and at retail as a PlayStation exclusive in the spring of 2019. The Pacific Northwest-set apocalyptic title received middling reviews out of the gate, but has since garnered somewhat of a cult following. That following was unexpectedly called to action last month when a report divulged that Bend Studio’s sequel pitch failed to receive the go-ahead from PlayStation higher-ups. A petition for Days Gone 2 quickly made the rounds, accumulating over 30,000 signatures in just a matter of days. At the time of writing, the petition is closing in on 115,000 signatures. Whether or not such support will get Sony to budge remains unknown.

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To celebrate the PC release, Sam Witwer participated in an AMA on the Days Gone subreddit. Naturally, the actor fielded questions about the hubbub surrounding the currently non-existent Days Gone 2. One fan specifically asked what’s the best course of action to prove to Sony that a Days Gone sequel would be worth the investment. Witwer replied as follows, “I’d say buy the game on PC! Nothing talks more than sales.”

Days Gone PC Boozer And Deacon

It seems like sound advice. As he said, “nothing talks more than sales.” And it appears Days Gone’s PC sales are already off to a pretty good start. On Steam, the port’s launch managed to top the charts over heavyweights such as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Resident Evil Village, both of which also arrived this month. A firm sales count isn’t clear as of yet, however; the same holds true for Days Gone’s Epic Games Store release.

Days Gone 2 would be a welcome addition to any future PlayStation lineup. The open-world title had its fair share of issues, but a follow-up title would likely iron out those kinks. Plus, the Syphon Filter connection is begging for further exploration since that franchise has remained dormant for far too many years.

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Days Gone is available to play now on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Source: Sam Witwer/Reddit

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