Everything To Know About John Hersey From Katie’s Season (Possible Spoilers)

John Hersey from The Bachelorette season 17 loves skydiving and dreams of being a pilot. He’s ready to settle down and may charm Katie Thurston.

Katie Thurston will make her The Bachelorette season 17 debut in less than a month and we’re ready to share some fascinating facts about John Hersey from her season. The show’s fans want to know more about the men who will be vying for her heart, and all of the guys are handsome, with interesting bios. However, Katie is decisive and self-aware, so her suitors will have to offer her more than hot bodies and stellar resumes. John stands out as someone that Katie might really take a shine to, so he could be one to keep an eye on. WARNING: This article may contain spoilers. 

This season, 29 men (plus one in a “mystery box” and another to be revealed later) will introduce themselves to Katie on night one. Every man will want to charm the Bachelorette. Reports suggest that the filming of Katie’s season ended early, so perhaps she fell in love and decided to forget about the other contestants. There are many great men that Katie will be meeting, and John may be someone that she will really click with.

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John may not be the one who shocked Katie with a blow-up doll on night one, but he’s sure to impress her nonetheless. Based in San Diego, John is a bartender with big dreams for his future. Though he got his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, John is reportedly in training to be a pilot. This makes sense as John is an adrenaline junkie. A quick peek at his @johnalexhersey Instagram shows that he loves any activity that gets his heart pounding, including skydiving. See him in action below:

The thrill-seeker is a vegetarian who also enjoys surfing. He has an adorable dog named Dexter. In his ABC bio, John has said he’s attracted to women who are confident natural beauties. As he is a person who actively pursues his dreams, John is seeking a woman who follows her passions. In light of his personality, interests, and what he’s looking for in a woman, John seems like a great match for Katie. He’s got “front-runner” written all over him. [Warning: potential spoilers ahead!]

John is just the kind of man that Katie would take a shine to, and rumor has it that he goes far during her season. Reality Steve claims that three of the men in Katie’s top four include John Hersey, Blake Moynes from Tayshia Adams’ season, and account manager Greg Grippo, who is Katie’s first impression rose recipient. There is even evidence to suggest John is the winner of her season, as she recently visited the restaurant he works at, after filming for her season had wrapped.

Katie’s journey on The Bachelorette has not even begun and there is already intense speculation about who will win her heart. The men of season 17 all have great qualities, but John stands out from the crowd. His attitude, passion, and good looks make him an ideal partner for Katie. Obviously, there’s no official confirmation, but if the rumors are true, John and Katie could be meant for one another. 

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