How to Defeat Husks (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Husks are present in Mass Effect from the very beginning of the series. They move in close, but players can defeat them using biotics and weapons.

Husks are one of the few enemy types Shepard and their squad will face multiple times throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. In Mass Effect, husks are zombies, usually human, used as cannon fodder for larger enemies and created by Reaper technology. They are a blend of synthetic and organic life and fight in packs alongside the Geth, Collectors, and eventually Reapers. In combat, even if players don’t see a husk at first, they will know them by the hissing screech they make as they charge toward a squad. Husks can become overwhelming in large groups, but they don’t have much armor or health and can be eliminated quickly.

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There are a few strategies Shepard can employ to ensure they and their team are not overwhelmed by a husk attack. In general, biotics abilities can be extremely effective. Additionally, heavier weapons like Assault Rifles and Shotguns, as well as simple melee attacks, can defeat husks quickly. Here are some tips for defeating husks across the trilogy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Tips for Fighting Husks in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Husks on Dragon's Teeth on Eden Prime in Mass Effect

To fight husks in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players will need to focus on using biotics and heavier weapons. Husks vary slightly across each game, and they gradually become more difficult to fight at higher difficulty settings. Generally, however, they have shields, low health, and no to light armor each game. They don’t have guns and will choose to attack only with their fists. In Mass Effect 1, husks will overload and explode when near Shepard and their squad, and, in Mass Effect 3, they can grab Shepard.

There are a few main tactics Shepard can employ when dealing with husks. These include:

  • Biotics: Using biotic abilities that knock a husk into the air can be extremely effective. Abilities like Singularity, Lift, Pull, Throw, Shockwave, Slam, Charge, and Nova count. In Mass Effect 2, knocking a husk off its feet using biotics will instantly kill it.
  • Weapon and Ammo Abilities: Like biotic abilities, any weapon or ammo ability that knocks a husk backward can be effective, preventing them from mobbing Shepard and their squad. Abilities like Concussive Shot, grenades, Inferno Grenade, Flashbang Grenade, and Armor Piercing or Shredder Ammo are effective. In Mass Effect 2, knocking a husk off its feet using weapon and ammo abilities will instantly kill it.
  • Shield-Stripping Abilities: Husks do have shields, integrated in Mass Effect, on harder difficulties in Mass Effect 2, and from Shield Generators in Mass Effect 3. Shepard will need to use abilities that break through Armor and Shields, like Armor-Piercing Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, Incinerate, Reave, and Warp.

  • Heavier Weapons at Close Range: Using Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and even Heavy Weapons like the Collector Particle Beam from close range against husks can be particularly useful. A single shot or two from one of these weapons should be enough to defeat husks at close range.
  • Melee: While husks can usually be dodged when charging, causing them to lose time redirecting, Shepard can also often eliminate them with melee or heavy melee attacks. Particularly in Mass Effect 3, heavy melee attacks can break Shepard out of a Grab and instantly kill a husk.
  • Squadmate Choice: Shepard can also choose specific squadmates who are well-equipped to deal with husks. In Mass Effect, Garrus and Kaidan are useful due to their Overload ability, which can remove husk shields. In Mass Effect 2, Grunt and Jack are good choices for the Fortification and Shockwave ability, respectively. In Mass Effect 3, James Vega is a good option due to his Fortification ability.
  • Mako: Specifically in Mass Effect, it is possible to drive the Mako into a horde of husks and kill them.

Ultimately, husks in Mass Effect Legendary Edition are a nuisance meant to waste Shepard’s time and ammo, allowing larger, more destructive enemies an opportunity to move in close and deal massive damage. Shepard and their squad should try to eliminate all husks as quickly as possible before dealing with the larger enemy to avoid becoming overwhelmed and encountering a critical mission failure.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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