Jed Wyatt Has Secrets But Could Be Sued for Sharing Them

Jed finally dropped his podcast but didn’t spill all the tea. He says ABC would sue because his comments could “throw a wrench into the franchise.”

Former contestant on The Bachelorette, Jed Wyatt has finally released the first episode of his podcast Jed Talks, and though it didn’t spill all the tea he had promised, Jed revealed he has a very good reason for being so tight-lipped. Every Bachelor Nation fan remembers Hannah Brown’s season because of the dumpster fire it became after news broke that Jed, Hannah’s fiancé and season winner, had a girlfriend before going on the show. Jed wants to clear the air about what really happened that season, but he’s revealed that ABC’s legal team is standing in his way.

Many viewers were shocked when Hannah picked country musician Jed over fan favorite Tyler Cameron in the season 15 finale, and unfortunately, trouble was brewing even before the engagement was officially announced. A woman named Haley emerged, claiming she and Jed were dating before Hannah’s season and Jed only went on the show to further his music career. Once Hannah found out, she broke off the engagement, and though Jed claimed he was manipulated by producers and all was not as it seemed, their relationship was over.

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Jed’s long-awaited podcast finally dropped recently, and though Jed again claimed “I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life. I didn’t cheat on Haley, I didn’t cheat on Hannah,” there weren’t many other details. But he did explain why. According to Jed, going public with all the juicy details was a court case waiting to happen. “I had to decide,” he said, “was it worth it for me to come out and say the things that I was going to say, and potentially spend months in court with people that I really don’t care about at this point in my life? No.

The Nashville-based musician has gotten support from his former castmates, and Dylan Barbour agreed Jed was treated unfairly. Jed may not have revealed everything listeners wanted on his podcast, but he still kept hinting that there was more to the story. “That being said, I hope that some of us can put two and two together and see that there was obviously something pretty powerful that I had to say, that was worth me being sued over,” Jed commented. “I would love to say those things…Maybe there’ll be, like, a day that I’ll get to say everything.” 

All Bachelor Nation contestants and leads sign lengthy contracts, and ABC doesn’t hesitate to penalize those who violate their contract. Another season 15 alum Luke Parker was fined $100,000 for making unapproved media appearances and disparaging the franchise. Presumably, what Jed has to say about his time on the show will not be flattering to ABC, and he commented, “I guess they don’t want me to throw a wrench into the franchise.” Many fans were frustrated that Jed didn’t spill the beans, but the musician is smart to watch out for his own legal interests.

It’s hard to say when Jed’s contract actually expires, but perhaps once it does, he’ll get more chatty about his time on The Bachelorette. There wasn’t much that Jed actually revealed on his inaugural podcast episode, though he did take time to reaffirm his innocence. There are still many fans who are firmly anti-Jed and it’s not clear if his insubstantial podcast did enough to sway them from their original opinion. Jed has clearly moved on with a new girlfriend and infant podcast, though it seems the memories of Hannah’s season still haunt him, and he can’t tell fans why.

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