League of Legends Player Shares A Wild Pentakill Thanks To Elder Dragon

A highly skilled League of Legends player was able to wipe out the entire enemy team using an Elder Dragon and the fiery burn damage of Brand.

An impressive League of Legends pentakill, which makes use of an Elder Dragon buff to defeat five players, has been posted to Reddit. The popular online battle arena game, developed by Riot Games, first released in 2009. League of Legends has managed to maintain a large player base due to a large esports community and continued support from Riot in the form of updates and events.

Riot Games has successfully maintained League of Legends‘ popularity through continued support. The developer often adds new playable characters to the game’s all-ready impressive roster of over 140 champions, and older characters are often reworked in order to ensure their viability. Riot recently announced that Tahm Kench, one of the League of Legends’ older champions who was added in 2015, will be receiving a rework in order to make him more accessible. Some of the aquatic demon’s abilities will be swapped into a more logical setup, and these abilities will also be tweaked in order to fit these new slots. Alongside releasing and reworking Legends, Riot Games is able to support League of Legends through themed events. An upcoming science fiction-inspired event for League of Legends, PROJECT: Bastion, will arrive in-game on May 27. The event will include sci-fi skins for seven of the game’s characters, as well as the return of the Nexus Blitz game mode.

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Reddit user and League of Legends player Last-Potato-Bender recently posted a clip in which they achieve a five-kill streak using a buff from defeating an Elder Dragon. In the video, the player controls Brand, a fiery mage whose attacks cause enemies to burn over time. Last-Potato-Bender’s attacks allow their team to defeat the powerful Elder Dragon, which grants the entire team a buff called Aspect of the Dragon. Aspect of the Dragon will execute any enemy who takes damage that brings them below 20% health. The combination of this powerful advantage, plus Brand’s own powerful fire attacks, which burn the enemies over time, allows for a quick chain reaction that wipes the enemy team almost instantly.

While League of Legends is mostly known for its huge roster of characters and dedicated esports community, the franchise will soon boast an animated series as well. League of Legends: Arcane is an upcoming animated series that will be coming to Netflix this fall. A short announcement trailer was recently released, giving fans a brief look at the show’s adaptation of the beloved game.

Released more than one decade ago, League of Legends boasts a large ecosystem of mechanics which allow skilled players to thrive. Last-Potato-Bender was able to take advantage of multiple opportunities, such as Brand’s fiery attacks and the Elder Dragon’s dying buff, to completely wipe out the enemy team. While new players may not be able to achieve this flawless pentakill, the video does give a glimpse into the potential advantages that the game’s mechanics can offer.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

Source: Last-Potato-Bender/Reddit

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