Melissa Gorga & Jennifer Aydin’s Feud Timeline

Jennifer and Melissa have been involved in a feud since RHONJ season 9. Glasses are tossed and shade is thrown on Instagram. Will it ever end?

Since Jennifer Aydin joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey for season nine, she and Melissa Gorga have been at war, and we are about to share their feud timeline. It all began when the New Jersey women went on their cast trip towards the end of season nine. Fellow costar Margaret Josephs got into a heated argument with Danielle Staub during their last dinner. Things escalated, and Margaret threw a glass of wine in Danielle’s face. After Margaret left, Jennifer and Melissa got into an intense exchange. During the fight, a glass was broken.

Jennifer was introduced to Bravo viewers in 2019, alongside lawyer and freelance journalist Jackie Goldschneider. Since Jennifer joined the group, she has been the cause of several feuds within the group. She often fought with Margaret during her first season and tangled with Jackie too. She and Melissa did get into a few tiffs towards the end of season 9 but their feud didn’t really take off until season 10. Since that season’s reunion, Jennifer and Melissa have been embroiled in an ongoing feud.

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Season Nine

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Towards the end of Jennifer’s first season, she and Melissa got into an argument during their last dinner in Cabo. The group was already in the middle of a battle after Margaret threw a glass of wine at Danielle. It was a nasty fight. Melissa was sticking up for Margaret, while Jennifer was sticking by Danielle. The mother of three Melissa then accused Jennifer of throwing a glass at her. Jennifer responded by breaking a glass against the table. She also told Melissa that she would have known if it was her throwing the glass.


Season Ten

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During season 10, Melissa and Jennifer once again began an argument over the throwing of tableware. Jennifer walked away from a lunch outing with the cast after she threw a plate in front of Melissa. While this feud quickly died down, it was picked up again during the reunion. Jennifer called Melissa out for fabricating storylines for the show. She even called her self-absorbed. Nothing was resolved between them at the reunion, but they made amends at the beginning of season 11.

Season Eleven

Jennifer Aydin The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Right before the season 11 reunion was about to air, Melissa and Jennifer got into a heated exchange, even though they’d previously mended fences. Melissa began the feud by sharing to her @melissagorga Instagram a photo of the cast without Jennifer. In the caption, she also claimed that Jennifer enjoys seeing the division between her and her sister-in-law, “greatest housewife” Teresa Giudice. Jennifer fired back, talking about Melissa’s made-up storylines once more. She said she shares real authentic stories compared to Melissa’s. Jennifer concluded by calling Melissa a “snake” and “boring.”

With the season 11 reunion premiere just getting started, viewers are excited to see if Melissa and Jennifer get into a heated exchange. The two have been at odds since Jennifer joined the show, and it seems like the feud is never-ending. Jennifer keeps trying to start drama with Melissa. This ends up bringing them back into a bad place in their friendship.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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