One Piece Website Registration Hypes Fans For Possible Film Adaptation

A recent One Piece movie website registration has some fans thinking a new film adaptation of the popular Japanese manga could be on the way.

A website registration for a One Piece movie has some fans theorizing a new film adaptation is on the way. One Piece is a popular Japanese manga series that began in 1997. It follows Monkey D. Luffy, a kid who eats a Devil Fruit and becomes rubber-like as a result. He travels with the Straw Hat Pirates to seek out the title One Piece treasure, which will allow him to become the King of the Pirates. The manga is incredibly successful on its own and is currently the best-selling series of all time. However, it’s also inspired a full-fledged media franchise made up of dozens of projects.

Perhaps the best known of these is the long-running One Piece anime series that began in 1999 and now has close to a 1,000 episodes. Netflix began streaming some seasons of the show in June 2020, increasing its popularity in the United States. The streamer is also currently working on a live-action One Piece show, though many details about it remain a mystery. There have also been a total of 14 animated One Piece movies. The most recent, One Piece: Stampede, came out in August 2019. Now, a recent website registration has some thinking a new film adaptation could be on the way.

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A Twitter account devoted to One Piece, newworldartur, uncovered the news about the web domain. Though they note it may not be an official domain, the user also provides some evidence as to why they believe their theory may be correct, pointing out the name and registration location.


It’s important to note that this information is no guarantee a new One Piece movie is on the way. Even if the registration is legitimate, companies sometimes get domains well before projects are in development in case they need them later. However, it could very well be an indication another film adaptation is in the early stages. Even then, it will probably be awhile before any sort of official announcement is made.

It’s understandable fans are excited by the idea of a new One Piece movie. The live-action TV series has many hoping a non-animated film could happen at some point, too. Both manga and anime are particularly popular right now, as American audiences have shown an increased interest in recent years. It could be the perfect time for a live-action One Piece movie to be successful. Hopefully, the website registration does mean a new project is on the horizon.

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Source: newworldartur/Twitter

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