Scarlet Witch’s Greatest Mistake Just Got A New Twist

In the Heroes Reborn Universe, Scarlet Witch has become the Silver Witch. She’s just referenced her greatest Marvel Comics mistake.

Warning! Spoilers for Heroes Reborn #3 by Marvel Comics below.

Scarlet Witch’s greatest mistake in the Marvel Universe was just reimagined in a world without the Avengers. In Heroes Reborn #3, Wanda Maximoff gets a new twist on when she depowered a majority of mutants by uttering “no more mutants,” as she uses a spell “no more speed,” when trying to stop the speedster, Blur.

There are few moments more iconic and terrifying as when Scarlet Witch wiped out a majority of mutants in the House of M storyline. After her father Magneto killed Quicksilver for creating a reality where he ruled all mutants, Scarlet Witch responded by bringing her brother back to life and uttering the phrase “no more mutants.” The words had a powerful effect, stripping powers or killing nearly a million mutants at once. The moment had a lasting impact on Marvel Comics and ultimately shelved the X-Men until a more recent return. Even in current comics, while Scarlet Witch is welcomed on the mutant paradise of Krakoa, she’s not seen kindly among its inhabitants.

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In Heroes Reborn #3 by Jason Aaron, Frederico Vicentini, and Matt Milla, a remixed version of Scarlet Witch named the Silver Witch is the Speedster Supreme, absorbing the powers of her dead brother Quicksilver after he perished in battle against Marvel’s pastiche of The Flash, Blur. Seeking revenge on the speedster, the Silver Witch uses her hex magic to rip out his astral self, making it so if Blur strays too far from his soul, he will die. Despite being taken to the Dread Dimension and having part of his soul separated, Blur keeps up with Silver Witch. When he catches up, she casts the spell of “no more speed.”

Scarlet Witch NO MORE SPEED

Blur goes from a hero who is so fast he becomes displaced from time to barely being able to move his feet. He tries his best to run away from the Silver Witch and nearly succumbs to her spell. However, he uses his focus to regain his speed and ultimately defeats the sorceress, escaping the Dread Dimension and getting his soul back.

Marvel’s Heroes Reborn event is all about presenting a new universe where the heroes and villains have evolved into something much different as the Squadron Supreme has become the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. As the Speedster Supreme, the Silver Witch sought revenge for her brother’s death – and instead of stripping mutants of their powers, she eliminates Blur’s speed with a similar “no more” line. It’s a great reference to Scarlet Witch’s biggest mistake – even if it’s a much less effective spell than it was in the original Marvel Universe. Heroes Reborn #3 is in stores now.

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