Semifinalist Identities & Cluedle Doo Unmasked (Spoilers)

Tonight on The Masked Singer, one of the semifinalists will be unmasked and Cluedle Doo will be joining them as he is finally revealed.

Tonight is the night for The Masked Singer fans to find out who has been playing chicken, or rather rooster, with them all season. During the season five semifinal episode, in addition to saying goodbye to one of the final four performers – Black Swan, Piglet, Yeti, or Chameleon – viewers will get a bonus unmasking when Cluedle Doo is revealed. This season was full of twists, and one of them was the addition of a trouble-making fowl who delivers clues that may or may not be trustworthy. In a show first, this masked cast member is not there to sing or compete and never had clue packages of his own, leaving very little to go on in determining his identity.

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This, of course, didn’t stop fans from trying. We are confident with our prediction for the four finalists because we’ve had some great clues, like their singing voices and even their height, to go on. But what about Cluedle Doo? Well, we are still confident in our prediction despite having none of those things. Cluedle Doo has appeared only in videos by himself or at the very edge of the stage, so determining his height was out of the question. He only speaks with an altered voice, so that’s no help either. Fan guesses have included the most overused guess in Masked Singer history, Jamie Foxx, panelist Jenny McCarthy’s husband, NKOTB singer Donnie Wahlberg, and even the show’s own host, Nick Cannon.

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Cannon was a good guess until he was revealed to be under the Bulldog mask. Jenny would likely know if her husband was sneaking around in a feathered costume, but it’s possible she could be feigning her ignorance as to this identity. Jamie Foxx would probably be the most entertaining reveal, though it seems like the show plans to milk that inside joke a bit longer. They even added a jar reminiscent of a swear jar where judges have to put in money every time they guess the Ray star is on stage competing in costume. But we think there is a popular guest judge masquerading as Cluedle Doo, and he is waiting to give fans a big announcement. So, who is Cluedle Doo? And who are the four finalists: Yeti, Black Swan, Piglet, and Chameleon?

Who Is Cluedle Doo?

Joel McHale

While Jamie Foxx would be fun, we think that McHale launching his own reality competition show on Fox following the finale makes him the more likely choice. His show, Crime Scene Kitchen, even has its own clues and sleuthing elements. We aren’t 100 percent certain without any clues, but based on what we do have, we’re going with The Soup host McHale as Cluedle Doo.

Who Is Black Swan?

JoJo Levesque

The style and clues point to one of the few people who could pull off Black Swan’s performances: JoJo Levesque. The clues from day one have been a perfect fit, including RV for her appearance in the movie RV, 5 for her tour with Fifth Harmony, and a red X for her appearance on Celebrity X Factor. Black Swan is definitely Jojo.

Who Is Yeti?


When Bow Wow was on The Masked Singer as Frog, the panel was convinced it was his friend and frequent collaboration partner, Omarion. While he wasn’t on then, fans of the rapper knew instantly when they heard Yeti that he is on the show now. With clues like berries for his last name, Grandberry, and wood for his hometown of Inglewood, CA, it’s clear the “O” singer Omarion is the one hiding inside the ice-loving monster. There’s been nothing but a warm reception for Yeti, though, who is the only wildcard contestant to make it to the semifinals.

Who Is Chameleon?

Wiz Khalifa

The extremely tall, extremely slim, and extremely talented Chameleon could only be a few celebs. The clues narrow the options down to one: rapper Wiz Khalifa. The “See You Again” singer’s identity was spoiled by some extremely pointed clues that talk about the tragic loss of his sister, Lala, and his support of the LGBTQ+ community. Specific clues called out his songs, like the 007 clues for  “James Bong.” We’ve been saying it all along and pretty much everyone agrees now, Chameleon is Wiz Khalifa.

Who Is Piglet?

Nick Lachey

No one needed any clues for this one. From the moment Piglet sang just a few lines in a promo, his identity has been the one thing The Masked Singer‘s large and rarely unified fan base has agreed on. The 98 Degrees singer has delivered week after week and is our favorite to win. For anyone who may have thought of the boy bander as just that, his show-stopping performances have proven he is much more. He even stunned audience members when he sang opera flawlessly. Even though clues weren’t necessary, he had a huge spoiler clue about catching touchdowns thrown by Dan Marino, which we explained.  The only surprise left for Piglet fans is what he will sing for the finals.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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