Summer House: Why Fans Want Jules Daoud to Return

Now that Hannah Berner is gone, Summer House fans want Jules Daoud to return to the show. The former reality star left after just one season.

Hannah Berner announced her Summer House exit last week, and we’re here to talk about why fans of the show want Jules Daoud to replace her. It’s possible that producers are thinking about bringing back former cast members. Jules was a part of Summer House season four. Recently, a Reddit campaign was started, which is all about demanding the return of Jules Daoud.

Jules made a splash during her one season on the show. The Jordanian socialite was hazed by some of the housemates before engaging in hookups with Carl Radke and Jordan Verroi. Back then, the current marketing and ad campaign agency co-owner stayed out of any BFF drama between Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, and Hannah Berner. However, she sometimes had to deal with being bullied by her drunk castmates. By the end of the season, she and Jordan had split up, and that breakup appeared to be the catalyst for both of them being removed from the show.

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Some viewers think there is more to learn about Jules. A discussion about her possible return to the show recently started in a Reddit thread titled, “Justice for Jules.” The Redditor behind the thread had gripes about how poorly the cast treated Jules during her season. “The whole cast treated Jules like sh*t for no reason (Something that still makes me honestly dislike them all) and then she was off the show,” they said. The commenter added, “They acted like they were the popular kids in school and she wasn’t cool enough to hang with them.” They went on to praise Jules for being “gorgeous” and “kind” and expressed how excited they would be to see her return in season five. They want her to find “a guy that DOESN’T suck as much as Jordan did.” See Jules below, via her @simplyjules__ Instagram:

Now that Hannah has decided to quit the show after three seasons, viewers are sharing their hopes that Jules will get “a second chance.” They said, “CIARA & Danielle or Daniella (whatever) BORE me to TEARSSS. There I said it.” Others joined the discussion and agreed. One remarked, “I would love it if Jules came back. I think she was gone because she looked so much like Paige.” Another said, “Paige and Ciara need to go. Bring back Jules.” One Redditor added, “I have always wondered why they were so rude to her. Part of me thinks the girls were jealous because she was absolutely gorgeous and the guys just sort of fell in line.”

Other Summer House fans claimed there might have been issues behind the scenes that didn’t air on the show. One person rewatched the season four reunion and saw the cast make mention of this while Jules remained silent. It’s possible that Jules wasn’t as innocent as the fans thought she was. Maybe she’ll get a chance to redeem herself in the future and add some jaw-dropping moments to the show. If she returns to the fold, she may answer some questions that fans have had about her time on the series.

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Source: RedditJules Daoud/Instagram

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