The Flash Foreshadowed The Reason Cisco Leaves In Season 7

As Carlos Valdes is exiting the Arrowverse this year, The Flash season 7 foreshadows Cisco Ramon’s reason for leaving Team Flash and Central City.

As Carlos Valdes’ Cisco Ramon is set to leave after The Flash season 7, the Arrovwerse drama has begun to foreshadow the DC hero’s upcoming exit. As one of Team Flash’s original members, he will soon bid adieu with Valdes leaving The CW show after the ongoing season, as will Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells. The Flash season 7, episode 12, “Good-bye Vibrations,” will be Cisco’s final episode from the sounds of the official synopsis. Whether or not Cisco will make any further appearances this season, including the show’s 150th episode, remains to be seen. As Cisco is close to his exit, The Flash season 7 addressed an unresolved plot point relating to his character.

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Back in the fifth episode, “Fear Me,” the DC Comics villain Psych became one of the New Forces that was created when the Speed Force was reborn. After Psych used his powers on Team Flash, the episode showed what Barry and Caitlin’s respective fears were. But when it came to Cisco, he claimed his fear vision was seeing Kamilla in danger. However, “Fear Me” made it clear Cisco wasn’t exactly telling the truth about what he saw. In The Flash season 7, episode 10, “Family Matters, Part 1,” Cisco finally opens up to Kamilla about what Psych made him see during their first encounter.

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As predicted, Cisco didn’t see Kamilla being in danger back in “Fear Me,” but something about his own life. Since Kamilla and Cisco are eying their Central City departure, the latter goes into depth about his worst nightmare. Cisco explains that it was a vision of himself still working at STAR Labs 40 years from now. While it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing according to Cisco, the worst part of the vision was that everyone on Team Flash had moved on while he hadn’t. Not only was Cisco terrified of the thought of being alone at STAR Labs, but he was also regretting not having tried to do anything else with his career outside of Central City.

Cisco Ramon In The Flash Ravenclaw

While the show hasn’t always known what to do with Cisco in past seasons, “Family Matters, Part 1” serves as a solid self-realization for Valdes’ character as he exits ahead of The Flash season 8. Given everything he has done over seven years, it is strange how Cisco hasn’t tried to use his talents in other venues and settings. From all the protective suits, tech, gadgets, and weapons Cisco has created, he has a massively gifted mind the world at large could benefit from. Cisco’s struggle in the Arrowverse is now framed as a universal one, displaying humanity’s fear of feeling like one hasn’t evolved or moved forward in life, the fear of not living up to one’s potential.

Despite Cisco’s departure closing in, it is good of The Flash season 7 to address this before he leaves Barry and the rest of Team Flash. Since his exit is rather sudden, given it was announced very recently with his final episode approaching, Cisco’s confession to Kamilla does a lot to flesh out the reasons for his departure and not leaving it as an awkwardly abrupt goodbye. It will definitely be bittersweet to see him go, but to know that Cisco will be out there and using his brilliant mind to change the world is a comforting prospect.

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