The Flash Just Became A Literal Cartoon Villain

Wally West’s Speed Force adventures have put him in the body of other speedsters, with his latest takeover being a cartoon villain.

Warning! Spoilers for The Flash #770 below.

Wally West continues to be at the throes of the Speed Force, as the current Flash in the DC Universe has been placed in the bodies of different speedsters across time. While his adventures have taken him to the distant past and the far future, his latest body takeover is his most hilarious to date – as he’s become the Reverse Flash in the Super Friends universe.

Super Friends was an iconic Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera starring heroes from the DC Universe. The show was created for kids and featured the Justice League getting into constant hijinks and ridiculous scenarios. The show ran for nine seasons on ABC and led to a number of spinoffs including The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show, and a later revival, The All-New Super Friends Hour. The original Super Friends also starred the famous DC supervillain team, the Legion of Doom. A version of the sinister squad just made a surprise appearance in the latest issue of The Flash.

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The Flash #770 by Jeremy Adams, Jack Herbert, Brandon Peterson, Kevin Maguire, Michael Atiyeh, and Steve Wands sees Wally take over another speedster, this time Jay Garrick during World War II. The Flash and The Ray are originally tasked with tracking down the Spear of Destiny before it falls into the hands of Hitler. However, they are captured and placed in prison – and are beaten for weeks. Wally overtakes Jay’s body during his imprisonment and helps take the Spear of Destiny from the Nazi leader. But, when the mission is over, Wally’s consciousness transfers to another speedster – the Reverse Flash… from Super Friends.

The Flash Legion of Doom

Wally lands in Reverse-Flash’s body during a hilarious moment, as the Legion of Doom is about to admit him into the supervillain group. The next issue might serve as an unofficial sequel to the Super Friends series, as Reverse-Flash was never a member of the team alongside Solomon Grundy and Lex Luthor during the cartoon.

The Speed Force is really making things difficult for Wally. Ending up in the body of the Reverse-Flash in a timeline starring the Super Friends is the latest of unlikely destinations for the speedster. The latest bodyswap proves that every timeline, comic or cartoon, appears to be fair game for the Speed Force. How Wally West deals with being the Flash’s greatest villain should be challenging – will he have to go after the Flash with the cartoon Legion of Doom? The Flash #770 is in stores now.

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