Things That Make No Sense About Mother’s Milk

One of the things that makes The Boys such a huge hit with fans is the characters who populate this wild world of superheroes. One of the most likable characters on the show is Mother’s Milk, one of the members of Butcher’s covert team who are looking to expose Vought Industries.

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Compared to many of the other characters, Mother’s Milk is a fairly grounded guy. He is a family man who cares about his friends and seeing justice done. But as the show explores his character even more, there are a few things that just don’t add up about Mother’s Milk.

10 His Name

Even with some of the superhero identities, Mother’s Milk stands out as a pretty unusual name. When Hughie first meets him, Mother’s Milk jokingly tells him that was the name his mother gave him when he was born. Eventually, it is revealed that his real name is Marvin Milk.

However, the comics on which the show is based reveals a lot more significance behind the nickname. It turns out Mother’s Milk was born with compound-V in his blood. Given his unusual condition, he was forced to breastfeed until well into his adulthood.

9 His Ringtone

Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk MM in The Boys

Music has always been a big part of the show and it is clear that Mother’s Milk has a very specific taste in music. Throughout the series, he is shown wearing t-shirts with group names like Run DMC, Public Enemy, and Wu-Tang Clan.

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This establishes his very apparent love of 80s and 90s rap. However, when viewers hear his ringtone for the first time in the show, it is “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. This seems to go completely against his other taste in music.

8 Going Back Into The Gang

Laz Alonzo Karl Urban and Tomer Capon in The Boys Amazon

After recruiting Hughie and Frenchie to his team, Butcher pays Mother’s Milk a visit, attempting to persuade him back to the old job. Mother’s Milk refuses as he is very happy in his new job as a correctional officer for a juvenile detention center.

He is so against the idea that he doesn’t even want to talk to Butcher. Out of all the others, he is the one who seems to have gotten on with his life the most successfully. But despite a great job, stable family life, and removing himself from the danger of the old job, a two-minute conversation with Butcher has him throwing all that away and changing his mind.

7 Tension With Frenchie

Karl Urban Tomer Capon Laz Alonzo and Jack Quaid in The Boys Amazon

One of the things Mother’s Milk insists on if he is going to return to the team is that Frenchie is not a part of it. Butcher tells him he hasn’t spoken to Frenchie only for Mother’s Milk to see that is a lie as soon as he reunites with the team.

The animosity between Mother’s Milk and Frenchie is so bad they immediately start fighting and seem to want to kill each other. Butcher stops them and tells them they have a job to do. For some reason, that’s all these two needed to hear and suddenly they are fine to work together.

6 Helping Mesmer

M.M. talking to Mesmer in The Boys

In an attempt to learn about Kimiko and where she came from, Mother’s Milk seeks the help of a washed-up supe named Mesmer who can read minds. Not only is it a little silly of Mother’s Milk to reveal himself to a supe, but what he offers seems impossible.

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In exchange for his help, Mother’s Milk arranges for Mesmer to get visitation rights with his estranged daughter. Given the fact they are not working for any government at the time, how did Mother’s Milk manage to pull that off?

5 His Real Job

M.M. wears a De La Soul t-shirt in The Boys

Unlike his other teammates, Mother’s Milk has a whole life to protect and his wife is understandably not fond of his past life working with Butcher. Therefore, Mother’s Milk lies to her and tells her he is still working at his old job.

Firstly, it seems unlikely his wife would fail to notice that he has switched from a fairly standard job to one that takes him away for days at a time. it also begs the question of how he is making a living if he left his other job.

4 Questioning Frenchie’s Past

The Boys season 2 episode 6 Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter Laz Alonso as Mothers Milk Karen Fukuhard as Kimiko Tom Capone as Frenchie

Eventually, Butcher’s simple pep talk wears off and Mother’s Milk continues to clash with Frenchie. It is all surrounding the death of their old boss Mallory’s grandchildren who were murdered by the superhero Lamplighter.

Since Frenchie was supposed to be watching Lamplighter, Mother’s Milk blames him for what happened. However, he first confronts him about it in the middle of the crowded subway station while they are hunting for Kimiko. It seems like he would realize what a bad time it was to discuss that topic.

3 Opening Up To Starlight

Laz Alonso's Mother's Milk talking to Starlight about his father in The Boys

While most of the supes in the show are self-centered or even homicidal, Starlight is one of the few genuinely good ones. However, Mother’s Milk, along with the rest of the team, has a hard time trusting any supe.

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When Hughie brings Starlight along on a road trip with Mother’s Milk, there is a lot of tension in the air. But when they stop for donuts along the way, Mother’s Milk decides to open up to Starlight about his father, telling her things that he didn’t even tell his teammates. Where did that sudden trust come from?

2 Returning To His Family

Mother's Milk talking to Butcher in The Boys

After his identity is exposed in the first season of the show, Mother’s Milk remains with the team just long enough so he can safely return to his family. Various times throughout season 2, he complains to Butcher about needing to be with his family and how it’s all he cares about.

However, in season 2, Mallory offers Mother’s Milk an opportunity to start a new life with his family. However, he says he will join them when the job is done. Just a few episodes ago, all that mattered was getting his family back and now then when given the chance, he dismisses it without a thought.


M.M. drinking tea in The Boys

One of the quirky traits that makes Mother’s Milk such a fun character is his apparent OCD, something other characters suggested. This seems to crop up at the beginning of season 2 when he is shown to be obsessive about hand sanitizer and carries wet wipes wherever he goes.

Not only does this develop all of the sudden, but it seems a bit inconsistent. Mother’s Milk is attentive about washing his hands after visiting a coffee shop, but being covered in blood and sitting on the inside of a whale doesn’t really phase him.

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