Tristan Wants Woman Who Claimed He Fathered Her Child to Pay

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Tristan Thompson wants his alleged baby mama to pay him $100,000 for accusing him of fathering her child.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Tristan Thompson is continuing his legal tirade against the women bringing slander to his name. The NBA player recently requested $100,000 from the woman who has been accusing him of fathering her child. This comes as the KUWTK star dodges cheating rumors with an Instagram model.

Khloe has been eerily silent about the latest cheating rumors plaguing her NBA champion boyfriend. The two have been sharing details of how they plan to conceive a second child together, with the Good American founder and KUWTK star considering surrogacy as an option. But behind the scenes, Tristan has been at the center of an ongoing cheating scandal with a model name Sydney Chase. She claims she hooked up with Tristan in recent months after he allegedly told her he was single. But since last year, the pro athlete has been locked in a lawsuit with a woman who claims he’s the father of her child.

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Now out of frustration over her not staying quiet, Tristan is demanding $100,000 in damages from Kimberly Alexander following the libel suit he filed against her last year, TMZ reports. The Boston Celtics player’s default judgment request accuses Kimberly of damaging his career and endorsement deal opportunities due to her constant bashing of him on social media. He says he is the loving father of two children, and she continues to claim otherwise. He claims if Kimberly’s child was his, he would take responsibility. But a DNA test proved that he was not. An update claimed his judgment request was tossed out due to unknown “issues” with his claim.

Kimberly has demanded that Tristan take another DNA test due to shady dealings she claims occurred during the initial test. All the while, Khloe has remained mum on all the drama surrounding her beau. Fans have noticed the KUWTK star return to posting cryptic quotes on her Instagram Story, which she’s known to do whenever she is going through things in her personal life. Just two weeks ago, Tristan fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Sydney while denying her claims of hooking up. But Sydney responded by lawyering up with famed women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred.

The pair requested a meeting with Tristan and even invited KUWTK‘s Khloe to attend. Sydney has also taken to social media to support her claims and say that she refuses to retract her statement. She’s remaining adamant that she is not lying about her fling with the sports star. It looks like Tristan might need to add another lawyer to his lineup to help combat his latest debacle.

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Source: TMZ

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