Valheim Player Makes A Bust Of David Using Only Item Stands

A Valheim artist has used 3,000 rotated item stands in order to create a breathtaking bust of David, the biblical figure immortalized by Michelangelo

A supremely skilled Valheim player has created an impressive bust of David using a ton of rotated item stands. The Norse-inspired survival sandbox title was developed by Iron Gate Studio and released in early access in February. The game tasks players with collecting resources to survive and thrive in a harsh open world populated by terrifying monsters.

Valheim gives players a multitude of in-game tools, with which it is possible to build any number of complex creations. One player recently built an impressive Japanese-style temple in the game, an intentional clash against the game’s heavily Norse-inspired aesthetic. The pagoda project, appropriately built atop a serene grassy mountain, reportedly took about ten hours to complete. Another epic cultural mash-up occurred within Valheim when a dedicated player managed to recreate the Lord of the Rings fortress of Helm’s Deep. The iconic fantasy location is the setting of the Battle of Helm’s Deep, the huge climactic battle featured in 2002’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The faithful Valheim recreation comes complete with towers, walls and a small doorway from which Gimli can be tossed.

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Valheim player and Reddit user u/britzerland recently posted a bust of David, the famous biblical figure depicted in Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece, created in-game using item stands. The breathtaking bust is reportedly made up of a jaw-dropping 3,000 item stands, rotated into place in order to depict the historical and religious figure. The Valheim creator explained in the post’s comments that the intricate sculpture barely affects the game’s performance, due to the fact that item stands only render at a very close distance. While the bust closely resembles Michelangelo’s famous sculpture, this Bust of David is reportedly based on a model created by Patrick Thorn.

While Valheim players continue to bring impressive and intricate creations to the game, developer Iron Gate Studio is also continuing its work on the early access title. A recent update brought a number of improvements to the survival sandbox, such as updated enemy designs and upgraded physics. The game’s now-iconic Troll enemies, huge blue monsters who roam the woods and attack wayward players, appear more realistic and less goofy. The game’s larger bosses also received similar improvements. While a plethora of further upgrades is likely planned for the future, Valheim players are requesting all manner of new content of their own, such as a terrifying underwater boss.

Valheim, like other survival sandbox titles such as Minecraft, allows players to engage with their imagination and create truly unique works of art. u/britzerland’s Bust of David is a breathtaking piece of art, faithfully recreating historical imagery using a highly unorthodox material. With 3,000 item stands rotated and fit together, this talented player was able to create a masterpiece.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: britzerland/Reddit

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