What Green Lantern Could’ve Looked Like In Justice League Snyder Cut

Wayne T. Carr’s John Stewart, who was cut from the Justice League Snyder Cut, is brought to life in a piece of Green Lantern fan art from datrinti.

Wayne T. Carr’s John Stewart, who was cut from Zack Snyder’s Justice League, has been depicted in a stunning piece of Green Lantern fan art. Carr was cast in the iconic role and filmed a scene that was meant to appear at the end of the Snyder Cut, but he was replaced by Martian Manhunter in the final version at the urging of Warner Bros. Since word of his exclusion got out to the public, many have lamented the loss of what could have been the character’s first live-action appearance.

Though the DC Extended Universe still hasn’t delivered a Green Lantern movie, the characters were pivotal to Snyder’s long-term Justice League franchise plans. The director recently revealed that John Stewart would have had a much larger role in the cancelled Justice League 2 and Justice League 3, where he would have aided the other heroes in the Knightmare future and eventually recruited the rest of the Green Lantern Corps to join the battle against Justice League villain Darkseid. The Snyder Cut still retains a few Green Lantern references, including one ring-bearer who appears in flashbacks.

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A stunning new piece of fan art from Instagram-based artist datrinti has imaged what Carr could have looked like as John Stewart’s Green Lantern in the Justice League Snyder Cut. The piece shows Stewart brandishing his Green Lantern ring and wearing the corps’ signature skin-tight body suit, with a look of determination for the battles ahead. Check out the image below.

It’s a shame that audiences will never be able to see Carr’s John Stewart take flight in the DCEU, but there are some other live-action Green Lantern projects in the works that might alleviate at least some of the disappointment. Most notably, a new Green Lantern show is currently in development for HBO Max, which will span decades and include multiple iterations of the character, including Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. There have also been rumors for years of a live-action Green Lantern film reboot, though not much is known about where that project currently stands.

No matter what DC does with the character going forward, though, some speculation will likely always remain regarding Snyder’s cancelled plans. The success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League only reignited interest in the sequels he never got to make, but there’s no sign that Warner Bros. has any intention of restoring the Snyderverse anytime soon. Hopefully, the future of the DCEU will lead in some interesting new directions, possibly featuring Green Lantern in more than just a cameo role.

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Source: datrinti

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