What Happened To Takashi After Tokyo Drift

Takashi was the villain in Tokyo Drift before losing his status as the “Drift King,” but what happened to Brian Tee’s Fast & Furious character?

Takashi served as a primary antagonist in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but the franchise didn’t do much to explain the character’s fate after the 2006 movie. Played by Brian Tee, Takashi was the current “Drift King” and enemy of central character Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) in the third installment of The Fast Saga. After being dethroned from the status, not much was revealed about what the future held for Takashi.

After being sent to live with his father in Tokyo, Japan, in place of juvenile detention, Sean met Twinkie (Bow Wow), who introduced him to the world of street racing, more specifically, drifting. He quickly made a rival in Takashi after conversing with Takashi’s girlfriend, Neela (Nathalie Kelley). Takashi humiliated Sean in their first race, which only gave his opponent more motivation. Unlike the others, Takashi had connections to the Yakuza through his uncle Kamata (Sonny Chiba). Through Takashi’s involvement in the drifting scene, the stakes were higher for Sean and his friends, especially Han Lue (Sung Kang), who was stealing money from the Yakuza.

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Following Han’s “death,” Sean cut a deal with Kamata and the Yakuza to race Takashi with the loser being forced to leave Tokyo. Sean used his dad’s modified 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback to face off with Takashi on the winding mountain roads, besting his enemy after Takashi’s pathetic attempts of pushing Sean’s car off the road. With Sean’s win, he became the new Drift King, while Takashi was left beaten and ashamed. Based on the agreement made with Kamata before the big race, Takashi would have been forced to leave Tokyo, but the Fast & Furious franchise failed to reveal any other details regarding Tee’s character. However, a deleted scene may have implied he had a grim future awaiting him.

Tokyo Drift

In Tokyo Drift‘s deleted scene (via YouTube), Sean could be seen celebrating his win as the new Drift King. Meanwhile, Takashi crawled out of his badly damaged Nissan Fairlady Z33. Not only was he visibly upset about losing the race, but he also looked broken at the fact that Neela left him for Sean. To make matters worse, Yamata’s men pulled Takashi away as if they were police officers taking him into custody. Yamata honored the deal he made with Sea, but he was clearly angered that Takashi tarnished the family name. Even if Takashi was sent out of Tokyo, it seemed likely he would always be under the control of his uncle and the Yakuza.

Considering Tokyo Drift was retconned in the timeline to occur after Fast & Furious 6, Takashi should still be out there somewhere unless the Yakuza killed him. It’s possible he could return to the franchise, seeing as other key figures like Han, Sean, Twinkie, and Earl Hu (Jason Tobin) are set to appear in F9. Maybe past events would make Takashi betray his uncle to join Han, Sean, and the others to assist Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). With the F9 plot set to incorporate Tokyo, it will be interesting to see if the Yakuza still have their hands dipped into the drifting scene. In updating the status of the city, maybe the saga can provide insight into Takashi’s whereabouts following the events of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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