What Trisha Paytas Is Up To Since Season 20

Trisha Paytas was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother UK. This reality TV personality is a powerful social media influencer who is now engaged.

Trisha Paytas was a controversial Celebrity Big Brother contestant and we’ve found out exactly what she’s been doing since season 20. The fast-talking blonde bombshell broke into the entertainment industry long before she appeared on the U.K. reality show. She always wanted fame and fortune and started to achieve those goals in the early 2000s. She remains well-known today. One of her early onscreen appearances was as a contestant on the short-lived 2007 game show, Who Wants To Be a Superhero. Fans may also remember her as a tanning-obsessed twentysomething on TLC’s My Strange Addiction (a show with plenty of dark secrets. Trisha has also held the “world’s fastest speaker” record for uttering 700 words in 54 seconds. Her talent was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and America’s Got Talent. 

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Who could forget when Trisha graced the AGT stage in 2012, clad in a pink and shiny pleather mini-dress (complete with sequined Louboutin shoes). She claimed to be a rapper. The audience shared the same thoughts about Trisha’s “talent” as the three judges, She was booed off the stage. While facing public shame, Trisha turned the tables by admitting that the only reason she auditioned for the show was so she could meet celebrity judge and on-air personality, Howard Stern. Stern is notable for defending former AGT judge Gabrielle Union. Avoiding embarrassment while simultaneously winning the hearts of the audience, Trisha gained the respect of everyone when she said, “I know I’m not talented.” She might not have made it beyond the initial audition round, but she got what she came for. She hugged Stern and he did an onstage dance with her.

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Most of Trisha’s reality television appearances occurred before her 12-episode Celebrity Big Brother run. She made the rounds throughout the studio lots of L.A., as a contestant on The Price is Right and a Dr. Phil guest. Trisha even tried to find love and money on The Millionaire Matchmaker. However, it was her time on Celebrity Big Brother that gained her the most notoriety. She shared a house with the likes of British singer/actress Sarah Harding (the 2017 winner), Amelia Lily, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville. Unfortunately, Trisha found herself as the most disliked person in the shared celebrity house. After engaging in so much drama, she decided to make a hasty exit.

Trisha is no one-trick pony. She has channeled her passion for music, acting, and fame into a very successful social media career. She is no stranger to body shaming and even addressed those issues in her early songwriting and videography, with a plus-sized anthem called “Fat Chicks”. The self-proclaimed pop star may not possess top-notch vocals but she does have enough money to produce her own songs and music videos. Curious audiences can catch Trisha on her YouTube channel, sitting in her car while reviewing the latest fast-food craze. Her fans consider her a virtual food critic. She earns money on several platforms, including YouTube and TikTok, and also has a real estate business.

Although Trisha is constantly embroiled in drama with other social media influencers, it was her falling out with a longtime friend, Shane Dawson (whose YouTube channels were suspended for offensive videos) that shocked her loyal fans. Trisha was just as stunned as everyone in the community when she unfollowed Shane and any of their mutual friends. Their breakup brought her to tears. She is happily engaged to Israeli artist, Moses Hacmon. As for Trisha’s career post-reality television, followers can listen to her debate several topics as co-host of the popular Frenemies podcast.

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